Feature articles

In this part of the website will go various articles covering events, machines and other motorcycle orientated subjects that can warrant an article in themselves - sometimes they will not necessarily be directly related to the South Wales Section. Content will depend on submissions from Members and any items will be greatfully received - in any form - as I can do the formatting for adding to the website.

Have you a story to tell? Send it to me please.

2019 Events
Scarborough week
Cornwall week
IOW Scurry

2018 Events

Scarborough week
IOW Scurry

older events
2010 Scotland triple
2010 OKP
2010 Manx rally
2010 IOW Scurry

Moped Mayhem - some humorous uses for your moped
Early recollections - by Geoff Harris
non stop end to end on a Veteran in 1966
Charles Sgonina - Charlie and the first double knocker
Mynedd Eppynt - by Geoff Thomas
Adventures with a 1923 P&M outfit
Pioneer run 2011
Presidential year 2010
The VMCC's Dreadnought
The Dave Cooper Story
My introduction to motorcycling - by Vince Chivers
It's a BSA Dandy - by Bill Phelps
Travels with a MAC - by Rob Jones
Three men in a boat - by Rob Jones