Vintage Motorcycle Club General Information

The VMCC was founded by a group of enthusiast's in 1946. It was formed to promote an interest in early and pioneering motorcycles so as to ensure that they were not forgotten and left to rust away through a lack of appreciation. This same principle applies today though motorcycle history plus the multitude of makes and models is significantly much larger.

However, this provides the VMCC with one thing that many other clubs cannot provide. Because the VMCC caters for ALL bikes over 25 Years old there is a large 'Variety' of machines owned by members. Manufacturers from all around the world are represented and covered by a machine age span of over 100 years.

The club now has over 17,000 members and is the largest motorcycle club in the world. The club produces a monthly magazine that currently has around 100 pages in it. With over 75 'local' sections there are probably meetings not far from where you live, so, enough of the adverts - have a look at the club's main website, there really is so much on offer for the motorcyclist. For further information the main VMCC web site is located here - VMCC

There are also a few websites dedicated to the VMCC:
Banbury Run - website
1000 Bikes - website
VMCC Shop - website
You tube VMCC channel - here

VMCC Sections

Anglian - Website   Auld Reekie Edinburgh - no website Banbury - no website
Bedfordshire - Website Berkshire - Website Blackpool & District - Website
Bournemouth & New Forest - Website Bristol -  Website British Historic racing - Website
Brooklands - Website (facebook page) Burton & District - Website Central Lancashire - Website
Central Scottish - Website Cheshire and North Wales - no website Cheshire cats - website
Chiltern - Website Clyde Valley, Scotland - Website Cornwall - Website
Cotswold - Website Cyclemotor - Website Dartmoor - Website
Devon - Website Dorset - no website East Devon - no website
East Herts - no website East Lancs - no website East Sussex - Website
East Yorks - Website Essex - Website Flat Tank - no website
Goodwood - no website Grasstrack & Speedway - Website Gwent - no website
Herefordshire - no website High Beech - no website Highland - no website
Ipswich & Suffolk - Website Ironmasters - Website Isle of Man - Website
Isle of Wight - no website King's Lynn - Website Lakeland - Website
London - no website Manchester & High Peak - no website Men of Kent - Website
Midland - Website Mid Lincs - Website Northampton - Website (facebook page)
North Birmingham - Website
North Cotswold - Website North East - Website
North East Scottish - Website North Staffs - Website North West - Website
Northern Ireland - Website Northumbrian - Website Norwich - Website
Notts & Derby- Website Oxford - no website Pennine - Website
Reivers - Website Sheffield & south Yorks - no website Shropshire - Website
Snowdonia - no website Somerset - website South Cotswolds - Website  2017 Calendar
South Dorset - Website South Durham - Website
South Hants - Website
South Lincs & Peterborough - Website Sprint - Website Stirling Castle - Website
Stonehenge -  Website Surrey & Sussex - no website Swansea & District - no website
Swindon Moonrakers - no website Taverners - Website Touring - no website
Wakefield & West Yorks - no website Warwickshire - Website Wessex Veteran & Vintage - no website
West Kent - Website  2017 Calendar> West South Wales - website West Wilts - Website
Worcester - website