Reports of Section Runs and Meetings for 2019

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13th May
Yesterday should have been the day for the South West Coast run - cancelled this year due to nobody being willing to run the event. Something that may well happen to our Seaside run next year - in fact I'm not sure about this year even - only three entries so far.
Anyway, due to there being no SW Coast run a couple of us headed to the Teify Run, organised by the WSW section. What a great day out we had, super Sunday lunch in Aberporth and afternoon tea in Lechryd. Beautiful countryside, roads and good company, all well worth the effort of getting up early enough to get to the start. A few photos below - Anyone else do anything?

26th April - Wednesday ride out
Unlike last year, we had a good turnout at the Black Cock, some 12 members made it, with some even coming on a bike.

13th/14th April - the Llanishen Bike show
A number of our members attended and two section members entered the Sunbeam Show and both won awards . Geoff H won best pre unit with his 1956 Triton and Kevin Gilbert won best vintage with his 1928 BSA. Two members entered two awards won, not bad. We could do with some more entries to represent the Section next year

8th April - guest speaker
The evening was fairly well attended to hear Dr Mike Penny give a very interesting talk on Perry making - and we were treated to a sample at the end of the evening. Successfully organised by Rob J.

1st April - The Cheddar Trial weekend
A number of us set off for Cheddar on Friday the 29th and the weather promised to be good for the weekend. Some were in hotels, others in B&Bs with Rob J and Bruce and Di staying on the camp site adjacent to the main venue. Saturday saw us all gather for the social run day.

We were soon bowling along across the levels only for everyone to miss the a turning, as the road sign was only visible if coming from the other direction. It wasn't long before bikes and three-wheelers were running all over the place. Rob, on his Velo, Bruce and Di on the BS, Howard and Carol along with Jean and myself soon found ourselves on the outskirts of Burnham. We decided to double back and take a right turn in the expectation that we were basically heading in the right direction. After quite a number of miles and some more wrong turns we were directed by a local to find the lunch stop at the Willows and Wetlands centre, south of Othery. What a nightmare of a ride/drive. I think that I managed to miss the speed camera in Othery, we'll see on that one.

After lunch it was a case of a straight run back to Cheddar after covering 50 odd miles for the day. Amazingly there were something like 70+ bikes and trikes out, yet the evening buffet was poorly supported by only a mere 45 or so.

Sunday, the day of the trial, saw quite a number of bikes assemble, with the final number being 51. Bikes were set off at one minute intervals, in age order. The morning run didn't get off to a good start,  as soon everyone was looking for a non-existing sign. I was lucky, as having ridden the Cheddar for many years I knew the turning. On we went and soon we made another wrong turn. It was the norm for the day - missing signs, wrong mileages on the route cards and confusing junctions. If only the Somerset section had used Tulip diagrams, we could have recognised at least some of the junctions a lot easier. We were lucky to have found our way back to the finish with the only sad part being that Julian Wells on his 1951 Sunbeam S7, whilst riding down a steep hill was run off the road by a fast driving lady in a car giving it some welly coming up the hill. Result, one broken leg. We were treated to a good sunday lunch before setting off for home. At least the drive home was uneventful - as far as I know. All in all, it could have been a better weekend.

26th March - quiz and curry night
Many thanks to John F and Mary, who provided the questions for the quiz. We ordered 20 curries and only had 17 take up the food. It's always a bit tricky when organising for numbers, however, we weren't far out. Graham the caterer at the Llanharry club is leaving and he cannot cater for our Fish & Chip run on teh 29th July. That event is still to take place and we have organised for the F&C to be available from Mansels Chippy in Porthcawl, where the run will end.

12th March
It is reported that four hardy motorcyclists turned out for the St David's Day run. Geoff was on his bike, whilst Howard and Carol went in their car with Rob Jones in the back seat - so it was decided to follow Geoff home and to pick him up in the car, where-upon the four intrepid motorcyclists then went to Llanthony Priory in Howards BMW for a Sunday lunch before heading home.

3rd February
This weekend just gone, our Barry based Reuters Correspondent decided to go to the Dragon Rally with a friend called Geoff. Bruce was to ride his 400/4 Honda, fitted with an Avon fairing and Geoff was to use a mid 50's SV Ariel VB. The agreement was to meet at 8am on Saturday morning - Bruce takes over the tale:-

Dear Bill, just got home at 13.45hrs. The CB400. What a bike ! What an undemanding, reliable servant, needing just fuel and regular attention to oil and filters. 340 miles in total on the Sat and Sun. Always on the button,ready to go.

As I rode into the riverside Dragon camping location just 2 miles from Betws y Coed , two people on seeing the Honda rushed towards me. The first , a Frenchman clad in red jacket and matching bobble hat asked if he could take a photograph , not of me but “ of the motorcycle”. The second said to me “you made me all excited”. I can tell you Bill, it’s a long , long time ago when last I heard those words. But disappointingly, actually, his reference was to the bike. He had a new red CB400 in 1975, registration commencing MNY, not that far from the HNY on my bike. although his Honda registered after Sept carried a suffix of P and not N. He only saw the NY part on my plate and thought it was his machine. He said given the chance he would try to purchase his old bike if it were possible. Anyhow I know you are not satisfied with anything less than a full account so we go back to the start , about 8.15am in Barry on Saturday morning.

“Precisely 8 o’clock I’ll arrive” said my pal. Yes, I thought, and pigs might fly. He arrived 8.15am with a tale of woe. He had filled the Ariel VB full of fuel the day before. He put it away but omitted closing the fuel tap. The carb happily flooded overnight emptying 3 gallons onto the garage floor. He had to drain some fuel from another machine to enable him to ride to the same garage to fill once more. Anyway, we set off and the first breakdown, well sort of , occurred at Nantgarw. His ammeter was fluctuating wildly. He pulled the wiring harness where it entered the headlight. The ammeter needle steadied at zero. We carried on to a lay-by on the A470, our route all the way to Betws. The Alternator drive belt tension was checked. I told him to switch off his lights because the rear is getting dimmer and dimmer , so that means your battery is going down and you need it for your coil ignition. He has been an auto electrician and is now a general motor mechanic and doesn’t take advice from a lay person like me, so he left his lights on. I told him to reduce speed. 60 mph for an old side valve Ariel May be too much . I told him to nurse it, knock the speed back to 50. We have plenty of time in hand. I might as well have spoken to a wall.

There was another stop, awkward on a busy road with no place to pull in. And then the pre final breakdown in Builth Wells. I had told Geoff of the garage/Greggs cafe 2 miles before Rhayader, the half way point. There I said we can top up the fuel and have a short break with a coffee and a bun. This I told him more than once. He stops at a garage in Builth Wells. He is at the pump. I pull alongside. “ What the f... you doing here ?” I say. “Isn’t this the stop ?” he says. “Is this two miles from f...... Rhayader ? “ says me. My patience, so far very good, is wearing thin. His bike refuses to start. He tries the pilot light to prove battery health. There is no light, the battery is flat. He has a spare battery in a pannier. It too is flat. In the 45 minutes we are stuck he at last discovers that the dynamo feed to the ignition switch is not connected. The wire has come out of it’s terminal. He rectifies this and we connect up the Honda battery and his bike starts. Off we go again along the A470 to Betws as arranged.

In Rhayader, he turned off the A470 onto the B4518 signposted Llanidloes. (I had a look on the return today to check road number and destination). I think that he has a problem again and is looking for somewhere he can park and attend to the bike, so I follow him but no, we come to another roundabout and he turns right. Then I realise. He has a bloody SatNav on his handlebars and it’s sending him a different way to our agreed A470 all the way to Betws. I return to the A470 and continue to Betws y Coed. I expect to find him there, grinning, having gone like hell and saying “ where you been?”. No, he is not at the checkpoint or at the camping. I have to put up the four man tent by myself in the bucketing rain.

I phone Dianne at three ( I arrived at 2) to tell her I'd arrived safely but without Geoff. She says that she knows that Geoff is not with me because he has phoned her to tell that the Ariel has seized , he has had his final breakdown and he is awaiting the recovery lorry. He phoned her earlier today to ask if I have arrived home yet, I hadn’t, and then told her that he got home at 3am, yes 3am in the early hours of today.

On two journeys previously his behaviour has been identical. I reckon that i shall never ever go anywhere with him again. The times before the rally I said to him “the A470 all the way to Betws”. The times before the rally I said to him “ use your GS BMW, it will be far more reliable than the Ariel “. There is an old saying “ he who travels fastest, travels alone”. Very true. The Dragon with your memory of how it used to be would disappoint you. Full of middle age and older yobs. My last time has happened.

29th January
AGM - attended by a disappointing number of only 18 members. Anyway, it was all over with in 25 minutes with the same crew elected as the section committee - see the office page.