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(Section Diamond Jubilee year - formed in April 1961)

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13th September
I am finding it difficult in trying to keep these notes short and to the point when there are many club based items that need airing. In particular the HQ content in the October Journal. I urge you to read the comments in this PDF.
Out of interest, I spent quite a bit of money on some of the "new" mechandise that the club offers and cannot recommend some of it. Tee shirts that you can see through, trouser belts that are too short for my waist, and a 147 watch that has a strap that would barely go around a new-borns wrist - not to mention a chrono hand that annoyingly registers at 3 minutes past the hour. The beanie hats are good though.

29th Sept
Latest CMB magazine on the above button and some notes and pictures from the recent Isle of Wight Scurry, on the reports page.

14th Sept
I'm told that the Antiques Road Show that my Tiger110 outfit appears in is to be aired on Sunday next, the 19th.

6th Sept
Please have a go at completing the survey on the Welsh Governments idea of restricting speed limits to 20MPH in all towns and villages - follow this link.

27th August
Not a good turnout on Wednesday evening for the rideout, but we did have 8 people there, who had a good evening.
It seems that we have yet another 'consultation' from the Management Committee. All designed, as usual, to add credence to what the directors have already decided to do. This time it concerns changing the club badge for a more modern design - you can vote here

25th August
We must express our thanks to roger for attending our meeting last Monday, it went off very well and some good points were raised.

21st August
We will welcome Roger Bibbings, our deputy Area Rep, to our next meeting on Monday, the 23rd. Please can all members make an effort to attend - 7.30 pm.

17th August
Roger Bibbings of the Hereford Section has volunteered to understudy Richard Williams as our Area Rep. Richard has been doing the job since Jim Codd resigned and  I do know that he's thinking of finishing with the job.

10th August
There was a rather poor turnout on Sunday for the Chairman's run - only three bikes turned up at the start. However, the Fish & Chip run was much better attended and some 18 sat down to a good sized plate of Fish & chips with a few more in attendance, we had a turn out of  24. Next meeting is a Noggin & Natter on the 23rd.

4th Aug
Rob J provided a few photos and a report on Val's weekend in Llandrindod - now on the Reports page in the Lounge.
Don't forget the Chairman's run this coming Sunday and this is the last call for anyone who wants to order Fish & Chips for Mondays run.

28th July
The 'Fish & Chip run' food at the Llanharry club is confirmed at 8.50 per head. If you didn't put your name down during last Mondays meeting and decide that you'd like to come and partake, then please email as soon as you can. So far we have 15 booked. Money will be collected on the night. Don't forget the Chairman's run the day before on the 8th August.

27th July
Some more bikes for sale in the Bar.

27th July
19 attended last nights meeting when orders were taken for the Fish & Chip run in two weeks time on the 9th August. If any more wish to order F&C then please email us quickly. The start of the F&C run will be from the 'old' cafe on Cowbridge Common and the run will be led by Bob J, to end up back at the club where the food will be.
Recently, the July Section Bulletin from HQ has arrived.  What a shame that some of the links do not work properly and that the new "comprehensive membership brochure" cannot be found. There seems to be rather a lot of 'consultations', some easily found, other hidden away. It is concerning as to what these 'consultations' will be used for. One in particular asks for opinion on how good the Area Reps and the President  are at communicating. I wonder as to just what use that information will be put to. Have a read here.