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18th July
Reports on the Follow the Velo run and Ireland visit with the West South Wales Section are now on the reports page in the Lounge. Don't forget Geoff's "Historic Tour" this coming Sunday - leaves at 10.30am from the Caerphilly Mountain cafe.

15th July
Vale of Glamorgan entry form etc now on the events calendar page at the bottom.

3rd July
Last nights BBQ went off very well, especially as the weather was very good. We had two new members attend, which was a real positive. We were down on numbers a bit at something like 40 odd, but much of the grub went, which means that I don't have to eat burgers for the next two weeks.

Some of us are off to Ireland on Friday, so this is a reminder for the "Follow the Velo" run on Sunday the 15th - 10.00 am meet at the Caerphilly Mountain Cafe for a 10.30 start.

It came to my notice in the past couple of days that there is, in existence, a so-called "five year plan" for the club. It has not been well distributed and I had to ask the Chairman for a copy - find it here. He needs responses within the next ten days, which gives very little time - so please read it and pass any comments direct to Pat on his email here. I must say that I find much of the historical analysis incorrect and it would appear that it is obviously based on much of the agitation that a small group within the club have carried out over the years. Then there's our President, who openly stated at the AGM that his position was 'apolitical' and who is not following that line at all. The plan also seems to be suggesting an 'area' event - just as we held at the Dare Country park in June - what amazing planning. It would appear that there has been two consultative exercises - I remember one only, but may well have 'missed' the other. Personally I see little in this five year plan to cheer me up concerning the management of the club. The management structure is dire at the moment - we don't seem to elect our directors any more and likewise our area reps, let alone their deputies.

29th June
Final episode of Rob's Scarboro report now in the Library. BBQ next Monday - please don't forget, we need you.

28th June
Scarborough report updated daily, as I get reports and photos from "our man oop North"

26th June
Rob has been sending in reports and photos from Scarborough and I've compiled them on a new Scarborough report page in the Library. More will be added, on a daily basis, as Rob sends the pics and notes.

20th June
Latest HQ Section Secretaries newsletter in now on the button above.

17th June
Some photos and a few notes from the Banbury Run now on the Reports Page.

15th June
After the news that Cefn Carnau Lane was re-opened I got a bike out and took my camera for a ride. The lane at each end is still marked as "No through road", but the gates have gone and the lane has been cleared of debris and patched up very well. The important bit is where the Nant-y-pwyntel stream used to ford the road and I found that "proper" culverts had been put in. All of which indicated that the opening was not a short term measure. The VMCC and TRF can take a pat on the back for the six year effort to get the road re-opened.

14th June
Some super news - after a six year campaign by two of our members and one from the Trail Riders Fellowship, the dear old Caerphilly council have repaired Cefn Carnau Lane and removed the gates and re-opened the road last night. The council had 3 x 18 month TTROs(Temporary Traffic Restriction Orders) in place from time to time over the past six years and gated the road with the stated intention of permanently closing it. Despite numerous letters to the council and the Welsh Office, objecting to the councils actions, the last letter that I had from the council stated that they were repairing the road and that it would be re-opened soon. That I didn't believe, as I've had a lot of 'fobbing-off' rubbish quoted to me by the council in the past and, in fact, Paul D squeezed his Tiger cub through the gates to ride the lane and found nothing being done at all after I posted my note, dated the 11th May, below. It seems that it was a final letter from counsel that tipped the scales. Lousy weather, as I write this, but tomorrow - the sun is out and I shall get a bike out and go for a ride with my camera.

13th June
A few notes and pics on the "Great Gathering" and Black Mountain event are on the Reports page.

Something to note - whilst at the Dare Country Park someone canvassed us all with details of the Three Cocks Show on the 12th August. The entry form contained a declaration that you had to sign that you accept the conditions of entry. One of those conditions that you are agreeing to is "All exhibitors should carry appropriate Public Liability Insurance for their exhibit". Your road legal insurance covers you for that, of course, whilst the bike is in motion, but you wil not be covered as a static exhibit, yet you have stated that you are covered by entering. In fact it is the organisers who need to have PL cover for the whole show and they should not try to shift the requirement and cost on to the exhibitors, which many organisers do in the hope that any problems are not theirs and that they do not have to pay out for PL insurance. This is something that the VMCC flagged up years ago - hence the Yellow Permit insurance, that we run our events under. So if you see a show organiser asking you to declare that you have PL insurance - my advice is avoid the event like the plague - because - guess who they'll point the finger at, if a problem occurs whilst your bike is a static exhibit.

7th June
More for sale in the Bar, including a very good Lomax.
Don't forget the "Gathering" this coming Saturday - arrive around noon at the Dare Country Park, Aberdare.
Latest CMB magazine on the above button.

5th June
Seaside run report now on the Reports page in the Lounge.

1st June
34 entries for the Seaside run and we could do with more please - see you on the day in Penarth. The weather promises to be good for the whole day.

Back in 1994 a Leslie Jenkins applied to HQ to set up a section in Bridgend. That was only a mere 10 miles from where we were meeting at that time and we objected, so the Bridgend VMCC section did not get off the ground. All a bit of a shame that they did not want to attend our meetings or discuss matters with us. Consequently, Les Jenkins set up the Bridgend and District  British Motorcycle club. I notice that OBM, this month, reports that the club has disbanded due to dwindling membership. However, it's always a shame when a club closes. Several of us have given them talks over the years and we have sent invites to our events.

28th May
Please don't forget the Wednesday evening rideout to the Victoria Inn, on the 30th. There was a very poor turnout last month at the Black Cock Inn.
Also, final call for entries for the Seaside Run this coming Sunday - just email details to me by Wednesday and you can pay on the day. Entries on the day, however, have an entry fee of £10, so if you intend to come, let me know quickly please.

23rd May
As from the 25th May the GDPR regulations, regarding privacy, come into force and they have an impact on this website. Photgraphs are considered to be 'personal data' and any photographed individual needs to give their written consent for any photo that they are in, to be posted on this website. The best way to achieve this is via a photography release form. This must be signed and include a clear indication of how the photos are going to be used. That is difficult and a near enough impossibility in some cases - for example, the need to get the written permission from each individual in a group photo, even more so when members of the public are milling around in the background.
Consequently, site visitors need to be aware that under article 17(the right to erasure) any photograph that they appear in, if they wish it to be deleted , then all they have to do is email the web-admin, as listed on the office page, and the request for deletion will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

18th May
Entry form and details of the Isle of Wight Scurry are available to download from the bottom of the events calendar page in the Lounge.

16th May
Latest Section Secretaries newsletter now on the button above.

14th May
South West Coast Run report on the Reports page in the Lounge.

11th May - Cefn Carnau Lane to re-open?
Over the past 6 years, Ken Griffiths and myself have been dealing with Caerphilly CBC over the continued closure of Cefn Carnau Lane. This is the road that runs from the top of Caerphilly Mountain on the A469(Thornhill road) down to Van Road on the east side of Caerphilly.  If you take the road towards Cardiff from the Mountain Cafe then after a right hand bend, Cefn Carnau Lane is on the left. Over the past year we have received support from the Trail Riders Fellowship to get the road re-opened. Two days ago, I received a reply to my last letter which ended with the statement that "the Highways Operation Team are currently carrying out a range of maintenance works within the lane to enable the road to be re-opened as soon as possible". At present the lane is barred with gates at each end and I would be obliged if anyone passing could look to see if the gates are still there - please let me know, one way or the other.  These are the photos of  each gate:

9th May
Latest CMB magazine is now on the button above.
The Management Committee have put out a strategy document for members to comment on - that's up to you. Read the document here.

6th May
Many thanks to Rob J for his report and photos, not forgetting the manning of our Relay Rally checkpoint at Tintern. Report on the Reports page in the Lounge.

1st May
New bike for sale in the bar

24th April
Last nights curry and quiz evening was good fun for those that attended. The number who indicated attendance at the previous meeting were around 30, yet all we had last night was 15 people turn up. Disappointing, to say the least, especially as the caterer had catered for something like 30.

22nd April
Please note that we've had to change the date of the Roof of Wales run from the 24th June to the 5th August.
Dennis Prydie passed away on the 21st March, only a week after his wife. A double funeral was held on the 4th April. Although the grape vine had told me about Dennis passing away, I didn't find out any details until yesterday morning. For those that didn't know Dennis, he had been a club member for many years and was the club's Ivy Marque Specialist. The last time that I visited him he was restroing a 1919 OK Junior.

18th April
North Cotswold Section – Cotswold Way Run - July 29th 2018.

All VMCC members are invited to the 6th Cotswold Way Run on the 29th of July.
The run will follow a 90 mile figure of eight through the Cotswolds, meandering along the route of the Cotswold Way long distance walk on mainly B and C roads, with only short sections of A roads. Of course, there will be hills!
The Start/ Finish Line & Camping will be at Hayles Fruit Farm Winchcombe, GL54 5PB.
Entry Forms and Supplementary Regulations are now available to download and print using these links. (Simply click on the highlighted text above, allow the window to open then print the pdf document
If you have any difficulties accessing the forms, or any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact Glyn on his email below.

We hope to see you on the 29th of July.

Best Regards - Glyn Buckler - email
Mobile: 07946 460126
VMCC - North Cotswold Section

16th April
Some notes and photos of the Cheddar trial weekend are now on the Reports page.

10th April
Some parts for disposal on the Bar page - along with a wanted advert. Also note the the Seaside run entry form is now available to download at the bottom of the Events Calendar page.

9th April
Latest CMB magazine now on the button above.

4th April
John's latest acquisition - he had to go to north of Edinburgh to get it. It's a Reliant Robin with a 'sports' body.

4th April
We've just received a statement from Pat Rowbotham, who has been co-opted back onto the Management committee. Justin Harvey-James was elected as the club Chairman after the AGM and he has agreed to take the Vice Chair job so that Pat can take the chair. Have a read of what Pat says here.

31st March
I'm told that Dennis Prydie has passed away, but can find no further information. If anyone can confirm, please get in touch with me.

29th March
Report and photos of the St David's day run now on the Reports page in the Lounge.

28th March
The Spring run, scheduled for this coming Sunday has been cancelled for a variety of reasons. If the demand is there then it can be re-instated later in the year - so watch this space.

Meanwhile, we need a couple of volunteers to help 'man' our Relay Rally checkpoint at Tintern. Howard and Carol intended to do this but Carol now has a date for her knee operation the week before the event, so they will not be available.

28th March
Regs and entry forms etc for the Black Mountain road event and the Saundersfoot weekend are now available for downloading at the bottom of the Calendar page.

21st March
We've just heard that our speaker for the 26th is not able to make it, so the night will revert to a Noggin & Natter.

15th March
Latest HQ newsletter is on the button above.

14th March - two changes
The St Davids Day run that was cancelled due to the snow has been re-scheduled for the 25th March - usual start, 10.30,  from the Caerphilly mountain snack bar.
Please note that at the next Monday meeting we have Dave Harrison as the guest speaker, with the Curry and Quiz night being swapped to the 23rd April.

12th March
Latest CMB newsletter is now on the above button.

7th March - a warning…sic-motorbike-dealer
Please ensure that if you do sell a bike, do not allow someone to take it away to sell for you - on a promise. You should get payment before handing over the bike.

1st March
The St Davids Day run scheduled for this coming Sunday has been postponed due to the weather. See note above.

27th February
What a super night last nights meeting was. Geoff Harris talked about Malcolm Uphill - and I'm sure that we all learned something new about the man. We had 75 people in attendance and the 30 Faggots & Peas that we ordered were soon all taken up, Luckily, the caterers were ready with a few more and even ended up serving a couple of Sausages & Peas in the end. All in all 45 were fed.

22nd February
Entry form and details for the Cornwall week can now be found at the bottom of the Calendar page.

14th February
Recently we had the opportunity to complete a membership survey and the results can be seen here.

9th February
Entry form and details for the South West Coast Run can be found at the bottom of the Calendar page

7th February
The Welsh Road Races planned for the 5th/6th August on Mynydd Eppynt have had to be cancelled. All down to the slow movement of repealing the part of the Road Traffic Acts that prevent racing on public roads - and that only came into force on the 2nd February in Wales - would you believe.  After a meeting with the ACU it was agreed that there is now not enough time to obtain all the various permissions. Anyway, planning is now under way to launch the event in 2019. Anyone who has bought tickets can apply for a refund.

3rd February - MOT exemption
I've just started reading the current journal and Pete Henshaw has an article headed "Does life begin at 40". Please don't be alarmed, as there are a number of inaccuracies in it. Basically, we have had 40 year exemption from vehicle taxation for some time now and that concerns vehicles in the "Historic Vehicle"(HV) class. Not to be confused with the proposed " Vehicle of Historic interest"(VHI), where a 40 year old vehicle(cars and motorcycles) can be considered not to require an MOT in future. Legislation does not seem to link a HV with a VHI vehicle at the moment, apart from that magic 40 year qualifying period. The problems with Peter's analysis concerns a vehicle that has had "substantial changes", which the initial guidance considered not to provide the MOT exemption. Note that the guidance has been amended since. and may well be again before the May date. Peter says to ask your MOT tester, but it is not the position of an MOT tester to define a "substantial change", either the DVSA do that in detail, which they haven't yet, or it will have to be defined by a court of law. Up to now the DVLA have always considered the frame or chassis to be the identity, engines and other factors have never come into the equation so a BSA B31 is just that, irrespective of whether it is fitted with a single cylinder motor or a twin cylinder motor. As to kit cars, such as we are concerned with, like a Lomax, the FBHVC have successfully argued against them being excluded as a vehicle of VHI. Many were built over 40 years ago and have been MOT'd for the past 30 odd years, to exclude them from being declared a VHI is wrong as they have been considered safe over a long period. Consequently the DVSA has decided that anything that has not had "substantial change" for 30 years can be classed as a VHI - many Lomaxes fall into this category, likewise B31s fitted with a Triumph twin engine - more than 30 years ago, of course, but who can disprove that. Please come and chat to me about all of this at a club night, especially if you have any queries.
NOTE: the DVSA(Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), as mentioned above, is not the DVLA.