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9th December
Latest CMB magazine and the latest HQ newsletter are now on the above buttons.

20th November
Well done everyone - last Monday we raised a grand total of 570 for the air ambulance. Thanks go to Rob and John for running the auction and the 111 that has been added into the above total, being straight donations. I had 5 earlier this year, but can't remember who from, so apologies for that. Other donors, Bob J, Dave W, Tony D, Terry H, Roger T(on behalf of Simon Pritchard). Added to that is the fact that Bob bought one of the Christmas Hampers and it has been donated direct to the Air ambulance for them to raise money with. Thanks to Barry for providing his large jars of pickled onions - he wanted to prepare them when he was in hospital, but was refused permission by the medical staff, but he still managed to get them done in time. Thanks must also go to Mary and John for their hampers, which raised some good hard cash. Not forgetting all the donated items and those who bought them - only a Rob, as auctioneer, could have waxed lyrical about some of the items, just as though he was describing a Velo.

17th November
On my visit to HQ last Thursday I learnt that all the motions on the agenda paper for the last General Meeting were passed, with the exception of the one regarding turning the Library into a trust.

13th November
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9th November
Latest VMCC Section Secretaries newsletter now on the above button. Very poor response so far for the Xmas dinner - if you intend to come, please let us know. Don't forget the charity Auction on the 18th.

30th October
Sad to say that it looks as if the Bristol Section will not be running the South West Coast Run in 2020, as they could not find someone to organise the event. Their section calendar is on our events page, at the bottom.

28th October
We're now getting well into the "dinner jacket season", with runs just about all but curtailed - our next is "The day after Boxing day run".  
On the 26th Jean and I were at a lunch in Porthcawl with Howard and Carol. Afterwards we paid a visit to Brian and Wynne - who send best wishes to the section members. From Porthcawl we headed to Llandeilo and the West South Wales Section annual dinner, where our Rob collected the trophy that he won on the Saundersfoot.

10th October
Report on the Isle of Wight Scurry is now in the Library under features.

9th October
Report on Saundersfoot weekend now in the Library under features.
Latest HQ secretaries newsletter now on the button above, along with the latest CMB newsletter.
Banbury date for 2020 is 31st May - moved from the third Sunday in June, as that is father's day and the idea is to attract younger members who feel unable to ride Banbury, when they feel that they need to spend time with their fathers.

19th September
Some photos and notes from the recent Vale of Glamorgan event are now on the Reports page.

17th September
Cornwall week report now in the Library under features.
First Xmas dinner booking has come in - please don't forget.
I've just received an email from David Sheppard who tells me that his father Roger Sheppard has passed away. Roger was the Section Treasurer from 1972 to 1977 when he and his family moved to East Anglia. David now has his father's Douglas Mk4 and 1951 BSA Bantam.

2nd September
Latest VMCC Section Secretaries newsletter now on the above button. The end of this week is the last call for entries for the Vale of Glamorgan road event, do let Rob know if you intend to ride. Regs available on the above link to events calendar. Sad news recently is the death of Bob Fisher, the leading light in the West Wilts section and Midland area rep. Bob supported the Dragon Tour through many years and was renowned as the conductor during the sing along nights that we had.

26th August
A few pics from the Gloucester Classic Retro from last Saturday are now on the Reports Page.

16th August
Latest VMCC Section Secretaries newsletter now on the above button.

10th August
Vale of Glam event on the 15th September - regs posted on the bottom of the Events Calendar page in the Lounge. Please enter early as the organisers will be in Cornwall the week immediately before the event.

31st July
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29th July
Report on the Fish & Chip run now on the Reports page in the Lounge

26th July
New bike for sale in the Bar

22nd July
Report on the Historic Tour now on the Reports page in the Lounge.
Next Monday meeting on the 29th is the Fish & Chip run, 7pm from outside the Mughal Emperor restaurant on Cowbridge Common. Food is organised at Mansel's chippy Trecco bay, Porthcawl. Parking for the bikes is arranged and all that is needed is to turn left in front of the chippy, between that and the outdoor tables, and park in the area behind, which has plenty of hard standing. Three-wheelers can park on the grass area in the car park opposite for free.

20th July
A short story titled "Three men in a boat" now on the articles page in the Library - curious? follow the link and have a bed time read.

16th July
Follow the Velo run report and photos now on the Reports page in the Lounge.

12th July
New Spanish site for downloading manuals etc has been added to the Technical info page in the Library - scroll down and find it linked as "Various makes". If anyone spots any broken links - please let me know, so that I can fix them.

8th July
There seems to be a certain amount of confusion over 'recovery' insurance which is included in most old bike insurance policies. It would appear that some recovery providers are refusing to attend if your bike does not have an MOT, Green Flag being one such company. However, Green Flag have since changed their minds and have now stated that they will attend a breakdown for a vehicle that is MOT exempt. Footman James have also stated that anyone with one of their policies is covered. It seems that it's best to check what cover you have - just to be sure.

6th July
Another Director resigns - Raymond Albeson from Scotland has recently stated:
With the resignation of Geoff McGladdery as Chairman I believe we have lost the only person who would have been capable of driving through the changes necessary to address the Club's problems .... I feel that I cannot continue as a Board Member
One has to wonder just what are "the Club's problems", that only Geoff McGladdery could fix.
Latest Section Secretaries Newsletter is now on the VMCC HQ button above.

3rd July
Christmas is coming - well, I know it's a bit early but we have the menu for our Xmas dinner on the 16th Dec and the menu can be seen here. The Club has a new caterer this year and I'm told his dinners so far have been well up to standard. I shall get the order forms out a bit later in the year.

2nd July
A couple of photos of the BBQ are now on the reports page in the Lounge.
I've just heard that the Club Chairman, Geoff McGladdery, has resigned the Chair and his directorship - stating on Facebook:
It is with great regret that, I have tendered my resignation from the role as a director of the VMCC and thus as Chairman of the Board. I stood for the post with high hopes, supported by a detailed manifesto (the 3 year plan). It is becoming increasingly clear that I will not be able to achieve much of that manifesto as I have been unable to win the trust and backing of the Board and key staff members.

23rd June
Rob is sending daily reports and some pics from Scarborough - have a read on the 2019 Scarborough page in the Library. I hope to add Rob's photos and notes as I get them.

17th June
Some notes and a few photos from bring a bike night - now on the Reports page

16th June
Some notes and a few pictures from the Banbury Run are now on the Reports page in the Lounge.
Bring a bike night this evening.
Next meeting on the 1st July is the BBQ - please do make an effort to come and bring wives, girlfriends etc - there'll be plenty to eat.

10th June
New HQ newsletter on the above button.
Report on the Dare Valley Park Gathering and the Seaside run are now on the Reports page in the Lounge.

4th June
Two new bikes for sale in the Bar.

3rd June
Last Wednesdays ride out to the Victoria Inn took place on an evening when the weather was not at all nice, still some 8 people managed to make it ok.
We've just returned home from Aberystwyth and the Irish/Welsh weekend, It was not without incident and Howard and Carol had to have their Lomax recovered after it blew a plug out at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre. That evening during the gala dinner saw Howard taken to hospital with some worrying symptoms. He was discharged at 5.30am on the Sunday but had to be taken back in a few hours later. Howard and Carol are now home ok and H is recovering after the hospital diagnosed his problem on the second visit, all caused by a complicated list of ailments.
Meeting tonight - Seaside run entries are still needed - don't forget the Gathering next Saturday at the Dare Valley Country Park - 12 noon for a meet up.
New CMB magazine on the above button.

29th May
This evening's ride out is to the Victoria Inn, Siginstone and the weather looks pretty dismal, so do come in your cars.
On clearing out some stuff - covers everything does that word - I came across one of the monthly newsletters that Bruce used to write when he was the Chairman , have a read, if you fancy, it's the third one and is from April 1988. 31 years ago now and it seems like only yesterday. Just click the link.