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                  Number of Entries for the Vale of Gamorgan event, as at 28th Aug - 17, with only 7 from our section - where are you all?

20th September

Report and photos from the Saundersfoot weekend now on the Reports page in the Lounge. Also the latest, and last, Cotswold Section newsletter from Reg Eyre now on the above button.

18th September

Barry has sent a note through as a reminder of the "Distinguished Gentlemans Ride."
 If anyone is interested in taking part in this event, be at Robert Bevans Showroom, in Hadfield Road
at 9.15am Sun 24th Sept (next Sun) You can use any bike you wish. Barry C

11th September

Cornwall week report now in the Library and a few photos and notes on the Vale of Glam event on the Reports page.

8th September

Latest CMB magazine on the above button - guess who has his photo in it? I'm about to start converting the rest of the website so as to make it more mobile/tablet friendly.

4th September

Latest Section Secretaries Newsletter now on the button above, also some notes and photos from the Anglo-Dutch trial are now in the Library.

29th August
Wednesday evening rideout to the Rose and Crown at Eglwsilan tomorrow evening. Howard has checked at the pub and it opens at 6.30pm with food being served at 7pm onwards.

28th August

A few photos and notes from the "Remember the Dragon Tour" run on Sunday the 27th, now on the reports page.

25th August

Maybe a bit early but the Xmas dinner is scheduled for the 18th December - menu form here - please get them in early.

24th August

Some more photos added to the Reports page in the Lounge for the Chairmans run.

15th August

Sorry to say that the Fish & Chip run last night was a bit of a washout due to the lousy weather. However we did have 20 people turn up at the club with 17 sitting down to a good plateful of F&C. We could have done with a few more, as we had estimated 25 to the caterer. Bob J's fish was the size of a whale, which caused a goodly amount of laughter. John and Mary handed out a quiz which was won by 'the winning team'. All a good bit of fun - big thanks to Mary for preparing the questions. VOG entries needed, plus two volunteers to help.

11th August

Latest HQ newsletter on the button above - don't forget the invite to the Cardiff Yacht club tomorrow - arrive from 10am onwards. It promise's to be good day and our bikes will be displayed in front of the clubhouse. Details on the club calendar in the Lounge.

7th August

Some notes on the Chairman's run now on the reports page in the Lounge - thanks to Rob for the photos and some of the write-up, plus the little elf for the folk-lore warning. Now, I bet you're interested enough to have a read.

6th August

Vale of Glamorgan entry forms now available for download in WORD format, or as a PDF. I'm trying something different this year regarding entries and will accept them by email, with the entry fee payment being made on the day. Please note that if you enter by email then you are committing to pay the entry fee, even if you do not turn up on the day.

29th July

Second part of Bruce's diary in the Western Region Trials Championships now on the WRRTC webpage in the library features.

28th July

Latest Cotswold Section newsletter is now on the above button. Any comments on the layout of this page compared to the format of the others on the website?

26th July

Sorry to say that last nights Wednesday evening rideout was a bit of a flop as the Corntown Country Inn was 'closed for refurbishment' - that's Welsh for 'gone bust' again. Next year the place won't be on our lists, I hope. The next Wednesday evening rideout is to the Rose & Crown at Eglwysilan, where we're always welcome and the food is good.

25th July

Historic tour report and photos now on the Reports Page.

24th July

Apologies for the problems with the photos on the Follow the Velo report. All fixed now. Just in case you wondered - it was down to the name of the file ending with .JPG in upper case and not .jpg in lower case. All worked fine on my computer, which runs Windows 10, but the website is hosted under Linux and Linux is very fussy about file extentions, unlike Windows. There were a couple of other glitches, but all should work fine now. Many thanks to those who mentioned the problem, as I need to know. If the problem still seems to exist, then just reload the page - it's that little circular arrow somewhere at the top of the browser page.

22nd July

At last I've found the time to add the Follow the Velo run report to the Reports Page in the Lounge. Historic Tour tomorrow, meet 10am at the Mountain Cafe for a prompt start at 10.30am.

18th July

After some discussions at last night's meeting it was decided to remove the 'Bike Park' from the website as 'members bikes' now has a page of it's own and is more anonymous. So, I've also moved the 'Notices' page back to where it originally was - under the 'Home' button. The 'Notices' page, as you'll see, as you're reading this, is in a totally different format. Obviously, there's no need for the 'members only' area any more, so that has also gone. There were over 75 webpages in the Bike Park and by deleting them the number of pages has been roughly halved, which makes life easier for me. I'd still appreciate any comments on this pages web design though.

15th July

So, here is the new re-vamped web-page. Supposedly designed for viewing on a mobile phone. I must confess that things may not be quite right for viewing on a mobile - in my book they're just for making phone calls and sending the odd text or two. So I haven't really tested this page on a mobile. A lot of a pain, I must say, as Iphones present webpages in a different way to an Android phone - and what a Windows phone does, is anybodies guess, but it'll be different, for sure. Anyhow, I've had a go - but have concentrated in getting things right for a desktop or tablet.

Ok folks - over to you, please. Tell me what you think? any comments? colours? background pics(they can be changed from time to time)? Does the page look ok on your screen? Does it scroll ok?

I need to get this page right before making the changes to the other 150 odd pages on our website, so this is very much a test page. Hope you like it.

12th July - time for change - I think!!

When I started with preparing this website some 10 years ago, HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) was what was used to build a website, It's basically the programming code that is needed to present the 'written word'. Since then something called JQuery has come along and so has CSS. They're just other programming languages and JQuery is the one that makes things move on a website, such as the way the menus on the left, or above, open and close when you click them. As well as the 'up' button on the bottom left corner of each page. So, this page is coded mainly in HTML with a bit of JQuery and CSS  thrown in. All works fine - at least it does on my desktop PC.

After desktops and laptops, along came tablets and the dreaded mobile phone, which meant that 'full' web pages cannot be read easily on the small screen, as they present themselves as too small. Sod it, is my opinion, get a proper computer, but that's a bit of a selfish attitude, I suppose. Anyway, the use of mobile devices to 'surf' the web is growing and over 50% of web browsing is now done using a mobile. You may have noticed that some websites have changed - just look at the main VMCC site and you'll notice that the information is contained in a narrow band in the centre, which is easier to read on a mobile. Likewise the Bristol section website, but they use a web builder programme called 'wordpress'. A bit restrictive, but ideal for someone to build a simple website without knowing HTML code.

So - what's this all about? It's all to do with making our website a bit more 'mobile' friendly and I shall start with this page on it's own, in order to get it right. You'll see changes, initially, that will be tweaked before rolling the whole concept out over the 150 odd pages of the rest of the website. Don't worry if things look a bit different when you next come back to this page in a few days. Any comments, suggestions etc, good or bad, I won't be offended - please let me know.

4th July

a few notes and pictures from the BBQ are now on the reports page

29th June
Reminder for the BBQ next Monday evening, the 3rd July, at - 52 Parc-y-felin, Creigiau, Cardiff, CF15 9PA - 7pm onwards. Please bring your spouse if you like, or someone elses, if you prefer. The weather promises to be ok - light cloud with patches of sunshine.