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24th April
Easter weekend up date on Barry. Sunday, progress looks good and Barry is more alert and has good memory, however he tires very quickly but is talking of going home. Monday, even better today and joking with Derryl. He is getting his appetite back and the staff are pleased with his progress. Tuesday, Barry was a bit down today, confused, muddled and tired. The staff got him out of bed and into a chair for a short time - apparently Barry fell out of bed later on and hurt his knee.

18th April
Babs, Barry's wife, has requested no direct contact at the moment from well wishers apart from one nominated person which is Ivor Slade.
Wednesday update: Babs says that Barry woke today and said that he feels absolutely knackered. He's about the same as yesterday(Tuesday) although he did eat a little porridge and had some ice cream later on. Barry is sleeping and still recognizes people, although he has light communication. The hospital said that he has fractured his skull ,which after seeing the back of his helmet it is no surprise. He seems to be doing well, considering it is still under a week and the wollop he had.

17th April

Tuesday, latest on Barry:
Sad to report that Barry has taken a few steps back from how he was yesterday. Not as alert, or awake as much and is not eating at the moment . Babs says that he is a bit spaced out . Lets all hope that this is temporary and is the bodys way of coping with the trauma and that he will return to improving.

16th April
Latest HQ newsletter on the button above. Picture of Geoff and Kevin who won trophies at the Llanishen bike show last weekend now on the reports page.

15th April
Update on Barry is that he is making good progress and is out of intensive care and has been moved into the Neurological ward. The first thing that he asked when he awoke was how was his bike. He is still a little groggy but is moving all his limbs and recognised his wife Babs.

14th April
I've been in formed that whilst out on a ride with the moped group on Friday, Barry Cooksley came off his bike near Ogmore and suffered concusion. He was treated on site by a trainee paramedic and then air-lifted to the Heath hospital. Currently, Barry is in an induced coma having suffered a bleed on the brain and several broken ribs. I'm sure that we all wish Barry well and I will add information here as and when I get it.

10th April
Seaside run regs, Cotswold touring week regs and Cotswold signpost rally regs are now at the bottom of the the Events calendar page.
We were treated to a very interesting talk on Perry making at the club last Monday, thanks to Dr Mike Penny, who brought along a couple of bottles for tasting purposes.
Finally, a reminder for the Llanishen Bike Show this coming weekend.

7th April
It would appear that Bruce's 3rd place in the PV class during the Cheddar weekend was incorrect as Bob Ashwin had his bike incorrectly listed as 1956, yet it was really 1936, so Bob pipped our Bruce for the 3rd place.

5th April
Cheddar weekend trial results here. Well done to Bruce for making third in the PV class. Also the latest CMB magazine on the above button. as well as the Saundersfoot regs and entry form now on the bottom of the  events calendar page.

1st April
NEWS FLASH - At last Rob Jones has decided to buy a Triumph - well, it is April the first.
Some notes on the Cheddar weekend are now on the Reports page.

15th March
Latest Section Secretaries Newsletter on the above HQ button, where you can read the outcome of the AGM appointments and awards.

11th March
Haven't heard much about the VMCC Agm apart from the proposal to close the retail shop. It failed with 606 votes for the motion and 625 votes against, with 57 abstentions.

8th March
Latest CMB magazine on the button above.

2nd March
Disappointing turnout for Geoff's talk on Alec Bennett. We ordered 20 Faggots & Peas and only 17 sat down to eat. However, Geoff's talk was as informative as ever, "Thank You Geoff".
Don't forget the St David's day run on the 10th March - leaves the Mountain Cafe at 10.30am and the long range weather forecast doesn't look too bad - so time to change the oil, dust off the cobwebs and get something out of mothballs to be ready for the years riding.

18th February
Please don't forget that next Monday is the St David's Day Lecture, given by Geoff Harris. Food will be available at 5 per head. We have 20 meals booked and it will be on a first come first served basis.

15th February
Latest CMB newsletter on the button above. Our good friend Paul has at last relinquished the Presidency of the CMB. Paul took over the President post of the CMB for a short period of two years - it took 33 years before he was able to hand it over to a new incumbent. Welcome to Dany Faict

14th February
I've just received the following from the Bristol section regarding the South West Coast Run:
After many years, the present organisers of the event are standing down for a well earned rest, and although people have offered to help, no one has come forward to take on the considerable amount of work involved in managing the event in the future. Consequently, the decision has been taken not to run it this year. It is hoped that this will be a temporary break and that after a year to catch our breath the event will re-emerge albeit in a simpler and more manageable form.
Please pass this information to anyone you know who also entered the event and may need to know, and thank you once again for your support in the past
John Dodimead
Chairman, VMCC Bristol Section

13th February
Latest Section secretaries newsletter is now on the HQ button above.

6th February
AGM voting forms were sent out with the February magazine and there are a few propositions that need clarification. I shall outline the background to some of them at the next section meeting in order that you are all a little more informed, so as to make your choices regarding some of the items. Otherwise just give me a ring and I can explain.

1st February
Entry details for the Cheddar weekend and the Cornwall week can be found at the bottom of the Events calendar page.

29th January
Last night's AGM was poorly attended with only 18 members turning up. The committee were re-elected en bloc and the whole AGM business was finished in 25 minutes. After the business part of the meeting was done, the floor was opened up to a general discussion, which raised some interesting points. My problem is why did members not bother to attend? We normally have a good turnout at AGMs, but we seem to be doing something wrong, somewhere.

24th January
Some time back a serious accident took place, off road, with a farm tractor, somewhere in the EU. Consequently, the EU decided to draw up a new directive to cover the situation. You may, or may not, be aware of this new MID(Motor Insurance directive, sometimes referred to as the "VNUK") that has been quietly progressing through the EU.

The directive requires compulsory unlimited third-party liability insurance to be carried by anyone using any form of motorised transport, in any location. That includes everything from ride-on lawnmowers and tractors to single-seater and tin-top competition vehicles, even at private venues like race circuits, throughout the EU. This means crashes in motor sport events would be treated as road traffic accidents and would involve the police, as would any road traffic collision.

IMCO, the European Parliament committee responsible for MIDs, has just voted by an overwhelming majority of 32 to 2, with one abstention, to exempt various vehicles from the scope of the Motor Insurance Directive. The proposed judgement threatened motorcycle and motor sport by making road traffic insurance compulsory during off-road use (e.g. on a motor racing circuit).  This would require a form of insurance not commercially available and according to the insurance industry, probably unachievable.  At the top end of the scale, just think of trying to insure a Formula 1 car - let alone what the premium could be.

21st January
A rather nice 1972 Yamaha CS3 for sale in the Bar.

18th January

12th January
Arteck jump starter pack for sale in the Bar. Latest Section Secretaries Newsletter now on the above button.

3rd January
New reports page for 2019 now set up with the 2018 reports now moved to the 'previous year' button, all under the Lounge as above. If anyone needs any information/photos etc from a previous years reports page, then I still have them, just email me.

1st January
Happy New Year everyone.
One small change to our calendar is the need to put the St David's day run back a week from the 3rd March to the 10th March, all other details are the same.

30th December
There have been six nominations for the posts of Director for the club. Some are new names. Geoff McGladdery was co-opted onto the MC during the last year whilst Brian Southam served on the MC for 14 years with myself. The most important thing for you, is to vote for these six as they are prepared to step up to the plate, which bodes well for the future of the club after the past few turbulent years. The following are copies of their applications - do have a read and vote for them all:
Bob Clark - Clyde Valley Section
Brian Southam - West Kent Section
Geoff McGladdery - Herefordshire Section
John Lay - Brooklands and South Hants Sections
Raymond Albeson - Auld Reekie(Edinburgh) Section
Roy Moore - British Historic Racing

28th December
A note on the Day after Boxing day run, now on the Reports page along with Bruce's tale of his ride out. Entry form for the Llanishen Bike show is downloadable from the events calendar page.

18th December
Last night's Xmas dinner was attended by 47 and we managed to present most of the Vale of Glamorgan Trophies during the evenings proceedings. It's always nice to see some members from the West South Wales section and to welcome two new members, Iulian and Monica Casalean. Photos etc on the reports page in the Lounge.
Next event is the meeting on the "day after Boxing Day" at the Red Lion on the A48 in Bonvilston - followed by the "Day after New Years Day" at the Victoria Inn, Sigingstone. Meet at the pubs around 12 noon.
Merry Christmas everyone.

17th December
We've had an invite to enter our bikes etc in a show on the 8th june organised by the Ystrad Mynach College. Entry forms are here in PDF, or here in Word format. Please note that I have queried the first requirement on the form that asks all entrants to declare that they have "appropriate 3rd party insurance". I am assured that this refers to road insurance and that the college has it's own PL insurance in place. I'm not sure how that affects anyone who wishes to enter and to take their bike on a trailer as they may not have road insurance for it - best to check with the organiser.

14th December
Latest CMB magazine now on the button above.

10th December
Last call for dinner choices, if you intend to come. Raffle prize donations will be welcome on the night.
The Wednesday evening rideouts have been finalised and are on the calendar on the events calendar page
Briefly they are:
April - The Black Cock, Caerphilly mountain
May - The Victoria Inn, Sigingstone
June - Y Maerun, Marshfield
July - Red Lion, A48, Bonvilston
August - Creigiau Inn, Creigiau
September - The Farmers Arms, Aberthin