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24th March
Some new rules for number plates are to be introduced. Up until now, if you had a vehicle registered with a taxation class of Historic, you could use black and white number plates. That situation is changing and only Historic Class vehicle first registered prior to 1980 have the right to use black and white number plates. So, if your Historic class vehicle was first registered after the 1st Jan 1980 - you must use the yellow /white plates.

12 March
New bike for sale in the bar - it's listed on Ebay, so follow the link.

20th February
All members have recently been sent a survey voting form with several options on the way forward for the club. A strategic response to that survey has been compiled by a number of 'long standing' members and it may help you in making a decision on whether to return the survey form or not - I haven't. The response document can be seen here.

6th February
I've just been informed that the Chairman, Bob Clark, has resigned and left the club. His resignation letter is quite lengthy and his final paragraph states:
The Club’s members will want to know why the Chair resigned.  Perhaps the good guys amongst those reading this message will win out over the bad ones and ensure members get to know the truth.  I have resigned because I have had enough. I stand bloodied and bowed, my spirit utterly broken by the vile-ness of the organisation I idolised for decades.  The Club’s future is partly now once again in the hands of the old guard, those who failed before.  And it is partly in the hands of those who stand on the sidelines shouting instructions, but who run a mile when asked to take on work and responsibility.  To the many of you at Section level who are decent people joined by a love of old bikes, I salute you and hope for your future in the hands of the blockers, the wreckers, the critics and the accusers who now hold power within the Club.  Stay well, and safe riding.

I must say that I object to the statement about the club being "in the hands of the old guard, those who failed before". I sat on the committee for 14 years and reckon that I did a good job.

20th January
Recently the Management Committee have put out a bulletin on the future of the club and where it should go. I circulated the paper to our committee, who's opinion, after reading the document, was that the current board couldn't run a bath, let alone the VMCC.
Do please have a read.
Since the circulation of the above, Roger Bibbings has penned a response, and a number of high profile members have endorsed the letter. Whilst my name is not attached, due to the fact that I was not given the opportunity, I would have happily added my name, although I do feel that the response is rather passive.

14th January
Sorry to say that Dave Danielson passed away this morning in hospital. Condolences to Gina and the family.

12th January
New For Sale and wanted in the Bar

9th January
The funeral for Dilys Hopes is next Tuesday and attendance is family only. Dave Danielsen was diagnosed with stomach cancer prior to Christmas and is currently at home.

7th January
Details of the West South Wales Section visit to Ireland in June are now on the calendar page - If you want any further information, please contact, Bill, Howard or Rob.

30th December
Again sadlly, I've been informed that Johnny Thomas from the West Wales Section passed away on the 27th. Not many would have known John, but I have known him fairly well for nearly 60 years. We have lost a real gent - condolences to Binks, Chris, Eirios and Morgan.

28th December
Sadly, I have just heard that Dilys, Terry Hopes' wife, has passed away in hospital this morning from coronavirus. Condolences to Terry and the family.

24th December
I've just heard that one of our long standing members, John Humphries from Barry, has passed away, aged 90, from coronavirus. We haven't seen John for some years due to ill health, but I have managed to kept in touch with him through emails. He owned a very rare Maico Typhoon scooter. Condolences go to John's family from us all. The following rather grainy photo shows John when he and Hugh Davies were manning our display at the Pontir Bike show in 1986: