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18th February
The date of the Historic Tour has had to be changed on the calendar list. Note that any dates that have been changed are in bold on the list.

12th February
Latest section secretaries newsletter from HQ now on the above button.

11th February
Cornwall week entry forms are now on the calendar page.

8th February
I have had contact with Bob Clark, the club Chairman, regarding the AGM, proxy voting and the letter that accompanied the voting papers. The letter is slightly confusing, as it states that proxy votes will be abstained, and that, in my book, means that anything that I put on my voting form will not be counted.
So, to put matters straight, if you look at the voting form, then you will see that there are four options for each proposal. If you select "for", "against" or "abstain" and then appoint the Chairman as your proxy, then your votes will be counted. Bob has stated that it is the fourth option of "proxy" that he will abstain on. If you tick the "proxy" box on the form then that gives the vote to Bob himself to decide and that vote Bob will now abstain.

7th February
The funeral for Lynne Merrick has been arranged for Tuesday the 18th February at Coychurch crematorium for 3pm.

5th February
I've just received the papers and proxy voting form for the AGM and am disappointed to note that the Chairman is not prepared to cast proxy votes and will abstain them all - due, he says, to what happened last year when a proxy vote block made a big difference to the outcome of a particular motion. Whilst the Chairman is welcome to his opinion, he should not declare that other members views should be ignored, just because a vote went against his opinion. For the first time as a member of the club I shall not bother to vote or attend the AGM.

3rd February
Regs for the cheddar weekend are now available on the calendar page. Latest CMB magazine also on the above button.

28th January
Details of the West South Wales section visit to Tipperary for their twinning weekend with the Leinster Classic club, now on the calendar page. You need to be quick if you'd like to come, talk to myself, Howard or Rob.

24th January
Sadly, I have to report that Pete M lost his wife Lynne earlier this week. Sincere condolences to Peter. I shall list funeral details here, when available.

23rd January
Honda CX500 wanted -  contact details in the Bar.

17th January
Please note the change of the date for the BBQ. Moved from the 13th July to the 29th June.

14th January
Some notes from the AGM are now on the reports page. There is also a re-vamped events calendar page, plus the latest section secretaries newsletter on the above button.

19th December
Report and photos of the Christmas dinner and prize giving are now on the Reports page in the lounge. Don't forget the ride out to the Red Lion for the "day after Boxing day run", plus the ride out to the Victoria Inn for the "day after New Years Day run". Advance notice of our AGM on the 13th January, we need a volunteer to take on writing and emailing the Section notes, plus two committee members as Geoff H and John F are both not standing again. Big thanks to Geoff and John for all that they have done for the Section.

Just think - the nights will be drawing out after the 21st - start thinking of next years rides:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

9th December
Latest CMB magazine and the latest HQ newsletter are now on the above buttons.

20th November
Well done everyone - last Monday we raised a grand total of 570 for the air ambulance. Thanks go to Rob and John for running the auction and the 111 that has been added into the above total, being straight donations. I had 5 earlier this year, but can't remember who from, so apologies for that. Other donors, Bob J, Dave W, Tony D, Terry H, Roger T(on behalf of Simon Pritchard). Added to that is the fact that Bob bought one of the Christmas Hampers and it has been donated direct to the Air ambulance for them to raise money with. Thanks to Barry for providing his large jars of pickled onions - he wanted to prepare them when he was in hospital, but was refused permission by the medical staff, but he still managed to get them done in time. Thanks must also go to Mary and John for their hampers, which raised some good hard cash. Not forgetting all the donated items and those who bought them - only a Rob, as auctioneer, could have waxed lyrical about some of the items, just as though he was describing a Velo.

17th November
On my visit to HQ last Thursday I learnt that all the motions on the agenda paper for the last General Meeting were passed, with the exception of the one regarding turning the Library into a trust.

13th November
Latest CMB magazine now on the button above.

9th November
Latest VMCC Section Secretaries newsletter now on the above button. Very poor response so far for the Xmas dinner - if you intend to come, please let us know. Don't forget the charity Auction on the 18th.

30th October
Sad to say that it looks as if the Bristol Section will not be running the South West Coast Run in 2020, as they could not find someone to organise the event. Their section calendar is on our events page, at the bottom.

28th October
We're now getting well into the "dinner jacket season", with runs just about all but curtailed - our next is "The day after Boxing day run".  
On the 26th Jean and I were at a lunch in Porthcawl with Howard and Carol. Afterwards we paid a visit to Brian and Wynne - who send best wishes to the section members. From Porthcawl we headed to Llandeilo and the West South Wales Section annual dinner, where our Rob collected the trophy that he won on the Saundersfoot.