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21st March
We've just heard that our speaker for the 26th is not able to make it, so the night will revert to a Noggin & Natter.

15th March
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14th March - two changes
The St Davids Day run that was cancelled due to the snow has been re-scheduled for the 25th March - usual start, 10.30,  from the Caerphilly mountain snack bar.
Please note that at the next Monday meeting we have Dave Harrison as the guest speaker, with the Curry and Quiz night being swapped to the 23rd April.

12th March
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7th March - a warning…sic-motorbike-dealer
Please ensure that if you do sell a bike, do not allow someone to take it away to sell for you - on a promise. You should get payment before handing over the bike.

1st March
The St Davids Day run scheduled for this coming Sunday has been postponed due to the weather. See note above.

27th February
What a super night last nights meeting was. Geoff Harris talked about Malcolm Uphill - and I'm sure that we all learned something new about the man. We had 75 people in attendance and the 30 Faggots & Peas that we ordered were soon all taken up, Luckily, the caterers were ready with a few more and even ended up serving a couple of Sausages & Peas in the end. All in all 45 were fed.

22nd February
Entry form and details for the Cornwall week can now be found at the bottom of the Calendar page.

14th February
Recently we had the opportunity to complete a membership survey and the results can be seen here.

9th February
Entry form and details for the South West Coast Run can be found at the bottom of the Calendar page

7th February
The Welsh Road Races planned for the 5th/6th August on Mynydd Eppynt have had to be cancelled. All down to the slow movement of repealing the part of the Road Traffic Acts that prevent racing on public roads - and that only came into force on the 2nd February in Wales - would you believe.  After a meeting with the ACU it was agreed that there is now not enough time to obtain all the various permissions. Anyway, planning is now under way to launch the event in 2019. Anyone who has bought tickets can apply for a refund.

3rd February - MOT exemption
I've just started reading the current journal and Pete Henshaw has an article headed "Does life begin at 40". Please don't be alarmed, as there are a number of inaccuracies in it. Basically, we have had 40 year exemption from vehicle taxation for some time now and that concerns vehicles in the "Historic Vehicle"(HV) class. Not to be confused with the proposed " Vehicle of Historic interest"(VHI), where a 40 year old vehicle(cars and motorcycles) can be considered not to require an MOT in future. Legislation does not seem to link a HV with a VHI vehicle at the moment, apart from that magic 40 year qualifying period. The problems with Peter's analysis concerns a vehicle that has had "substantial changes", which the initial guidance considered not to provide the MOT exemption. Note that the guidance has been amended since. and may well be again before the May date. Peter says to ask your MOT tester, but it is not the position of an MOT tester to define a "substantial change", either the DVSA do that in detail, which they haven't yet, or it will have to be defined by a court of law. Up to now the DVLA have always considered the frame or chassis to be the identity, engines and other factors have never come into the equation so a BSA B31 is just that, irrespective of whether it is fitted with a single cylinder motor or a twin cylinder motor. As to kit cars, such as we are concerned with, like a Lomax, the FBHVC have successfully argued against them being excluded as a vehicle of VHI. Many were built over 40 years ago and have been MOT'd for the past 30 odd years, to exclude them from being declared a VHI is wrong as they have been considered safe over a long period. Consequently the DVSA has decided that anything that has not had "substantial change" for 30 years can be classed as a VHI - many Lomaxes fall into this category, likewise B31s fitted with a Triumph twin engine - more than 30 years ago, of course, but who can disprove that. Please come and chat to me about all of this at a club night, especially if you have any queries.
NOTE: the DVSA(Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), as mentioned above, is not the DVLA.

2nd February
Entry form and regs for the Cheddar weekend are now at the bottom of the Calendar page

30th January
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29th January
The AGM took place with 27 members attending - two, of whom were new to the section. The new committee as elected is listed on the Office page. There are a couple of new names with Dave D retiring due to being rather inactive at the moment whilst he waits for a collapsed hip to be sorted out. We all wish him well and with big thanks for being a committee member and Vice Chairman for many years. We also had several volunteers to help in some areas, with Doug G and John D volunteering to prepare an optional route for the Seaside run. Barry C also  offered to help with the running of the event. There is only one change to the 2018 programme of events and that involves moving the Spring run from the 1st April to the following weekend the 8th April, so please make a note in your diaries, venue etc all remains the same. At the end of the meeting a report was made on the outcome of the Appeal panel meeting at HQ on the 17th, with a note that the panel's decision was final and that the matter was now closed.

19th January
Don't forget the next meeting on Monday the 29th is the Section AGM.

18th January
An appeal panel, consisting of the VMCC President and three VMCC Past Presidents, was convened at Allen House on Wednesday the 17th January to consider the Management Committee's decision to refuse VMCC membership to two previous VMCC members. The section was represented by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. A report of the meeting will be made at the section AGM.

15th January
The Gwent section 2018 events calendar has now been added to the section events calendar page

9th January
Entry form and regs for the Cotswold Section Felix Burke weekend and Navigational scatter trial are now on the Calendar page at the bottom.

3rd January
The New Year is now with us and the nights are getting lighter - honest they are, and spring will be with us in no time so start making plans for all the riding that you're going to do this year.
I now have to start thinning out the website, as it's filling up to the point where performance will degrade. So, I've removed the old archived annual reports for 2009 to 2016. Whilst they cannot  be found on the website any more, I shall retain them in an archive of 'old' pages on my computer. If you want to see, just let me know and I can sort that out for you. From now on all I intend to keep is the current and previous years reports, found in the Lounge - link above.

27th December
Probably the last notice for the year - a few photos of the Red Lion Meet on the 27th are on the 2017 reports page. Thanks to Rob J for the photos.

22nd December
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19th December
Some notes and photos from the Xmas dinner last night are now on the 2017 Reports page.
Merry Christmas everyone - it seems to have sneaked up on me this year and I haven't dressed the website up with some festivity, apologies for that. See you at noon at the Red Lion, on the A48, Bonvilston, on Wednesday the 27th for the 'day after boxing day meet'.

12th December
We have 54 for the Xmas dinner next Monday - see you there.
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Sorry to say that I only found out yesterday that one of our long standing members had passed away. David Jones, who lived in Pentyrch died last year. We had been wondering how he was as we hadn't seen David for some time. It seems that he went into hospital for a small procedure and died in the night. David hadn't been out on his BMW for many a year, but he always kept the bike MOT'd and taxed in his garage. I spoke to his widow Mary and extended our condolences.

1st December
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30th November
For 2018 we've firmed up on the venues for the Wednesday evening rideouts - Last Wednesday of the month.
25th April - The Black Cock, Caerphilly Mountain
30th May - Victoria Inn, Sigingstone
27th June - Y Maerun, Marshfield
25th July - Red Lion, A48 Bonvilston
29th August - Creigiau Inn, Creigiau
26th September - Farmers Arms, Aberthin

In each case  we meet there at 7pm, with good food being available for those that want it.