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12th October
As most will know there is a VMCC forum, for members to interact with each other. Against my better judgement, I joined and found some of the posts interesting, however, there was an atmosphere of "don't dare to question the management" and I was rebuked for simply asking how many redundancies were there to be at HQ. Today, I have recived information about a second forum that has been set up to be able to discuss the management of the club in a more open manner - details here, if you wish to join, just follow the link in the document.



12th September
I'm pleased to report that Stewart was discharged from Hospital yesterday and is now at home.

9th September
Stewart Botterfield was taken into hospital last night. The hospital are currently runnng tests on him and I'm told that he is sitting up and eating.

7th September
At last evenings meeting it was decided to hold an 'End of Year run' on Sunday the 27th September. Starting from outside the Nantgarw Multi plex Cinema at 10.30am. Please do make the effort to get a bike out for a ride.

25th August
Our first post lockdown meeting had seven attend last night. Tomorrow, the 25th is the first Wednesday evening ride out and goes to the Creigiau Inn - meet there for 7pm. 6.30pm if you wish to eat.

24th August
First Monday evening meeting tonight - hope to see you there. Some notes on the West South Wales Section weekend are now on the reports page.

21st August
The FBHVC have asked if as many people as possible can complete their "Enthusiast survey" - please have a go -
link here

15th August
Latest CMB newsletter now on the above button

9th August
We ran the Roof of Wales run, organised by Geoff H and were joined by a few from the West South Wales Section. Some notes and photos on the Reports page in the Lounge. Dont' forget that our fortnightly Monday meetings commence on the 24th at the Llanharry club - see you there.

4th August
Childs off road bike for sale in the bar.

3rd August
We've been informed that the Llanharry club has re-opened after a deep clean and re-decoration, consequently the section committee have decide to re-commence our Monday evening meetings, as from the 24th August. If you are able, please come along and join us, as there will, no doubt, be some discussion regarding the format of our future calendar. If you feel unsafe in attending on the 24th, then please keep an eye on this web page for announcments. We do look forward to seeing you in the future.

22nd July
The second HQ button above contains some comments on the minutes of the meeting between the directors and the Area reps, along with the President. The minutes of the meeting can be found in the Members Area of the main HQ website. At the time of writing this, access is not available to that area and has not been for three days now.

Two LE Velocettes and spares for sale in the bar.

13th July
There have been quite a few interpretations regarding MOT's that have been extended due to the Covid-19 situation. The extention applies to all MOT's that were due for renewal after the 31st March 2020. It's best to ignore all the experts and just click this link and put in your reg number - you'll then get the exact date by which you need to sort an MOT. Further down the page there is past test results, passes and fails,  and that can make interesting reading.

I'm told that the Cornwall week next year is arranged for the 4th - 11th September.

3rd July
Yesterday I attended the funeral of my brother John, who, some of you do know. I now have the job of disposing of the contents of his workshop etc. Some items have been posted in the 'for sale' in the Bar. I shall be visiting Swindon this coming Sunday, the 5th, so if you're interested in anything, apart from his bikes, which are spoken for, please let me know and I can bring it back to Sth Wales in my van.

26th June
Currently, the VMCC membership fee is 37 and it is to increase to 40 from the 1st July. However, if you pay by Direct Debit you will get a 2 discount and if you provide an email address then you will get another 1 discount. Family membership will, however, increase from 8 to 10. So, please make sure that you have an email address registered with HQ and also that you are to pay by Direct Debit.