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15th August
Latest CMB newsletter now on the above button

9th August
We ran the Roof of Wales run, organised by Geoff H and were joined by a few from the West South Wales Section. Some notes and photos on the Reports page in the Lounge. Dont' forget that our fortnightly Monday meetings commence on the 24th at the Llanharry club - see you there.

4th August
Childs off road bike for sale in the bar.

3rd August
We've been informed that the Llanharry club has re-opened after a deep clean and re-decoration, consequently the section committee have decide to re-commence our Monday evening meetings, as from the 24th August. If you are able, please come along and join us, as there will, no doubt, be some discussion regarding the format of our future calendar. If you feel unsafe in attending on the 24th, then please keep an eye on this web page for announcments. We do look forward to seeing you in the future.

22nd July
The second HQ button above contains some comments on the minutes of the meeting between the directors and the Area reps, along with the President. The minutes of the meeting can be found in the Members Area of the main HQ website. At the time of writing this, access is not available to that area and has not been for three days now.

Two LE Velocettes and spares for sale in the bar.

13th July
There have been quite a few interpretations regarding MOT's that have been extended due to the Covid-19 situation. The extention applies to all MOT's that were due for renewal after the 31st March 2020. It's best to ignore all the experts and just click this link and put in your reg number - you'll then get the exact date by which you need to sort an MOT. Further down the page there is past test results, passes and fails,  and that can make interesting reading.

I'm told that the Cornwall week next year is arranged for the 4th - 11th September.

3rd July
Yesterday I attended the funeral of my brother John, who, some of you do know. I now have the job of disposing of the contents of his workshop etc. Some items have been posted in the 'for sale' in the Bar. I shall be visiting Swindon this coming Sunday, the 5th, so if you're interested in anything, apart from his bikes, which are spoken for, please let me know and I can bring it back to Sth Wales in my van.

26th June
Currently, the VMCC membership fee is £37 and it is to increase to £40 from the 1st July. However, if you pay by Direct Debit you will get a £2 discount and if you provide an email address then you will get another £1 discount. Family membership will, however, increase from £8 to £10. So, please make sure that you have an email address registered with HQ and also that you are to pay by Direct Debit.

25th June
The HQ section secretaries newsletters have ceased being issued since the last one in January 2020. They have been replaced with a mid-month Bulletin in a format that precludes it being easy to post on the website. I have complained about this and have been waiting for a call from Mario Costa Sa to discuss the matter, since the 9th April. A second of these Bulletins has now arrived and it contains the following statement:
The Bulletin isnít intended for distribution to Section members"
I would normally post HQ communications in order to keep members informed of what is happening - meanwhile I have posted, on the VMCCHQ button above, some communications regarding HQ. 

15th June
Sorry to say that the Cornwall week in September,  has been cancelled.
There's a wanted ad in the Bar for a bike trailer. Please contact Robin if you can help.
I've now found the Cotswold newsletter number 9 and have also added the final one, number 11, above. Enjoy the reading.

5th June
The funeral for Les Nicholas is to take place at Coychurch Crematorium at 3-3.15 on Monday 15th June. We are asked if some bikes could be assembled at the crematorium. If you can make it then please arrive about 2.50pm.

4th June
I've been informed that the Isle of Wight have cancelled their September Scurry for this year. The only event that may happen is the Cornish week in September - fingers crossed. Saundersfoot is still in abeyance and we need to decide on our running of the Vale of Glamorgan event in September. I really do hope that the whole year will not be a wash-out, but these events need hotels and cafes to be open and that could be the nail in the coffin, so to speak.

3rd June
I'm constantly being reminded that our web hosting is reaching it's max in order that the website can run efficiently. So, the time has come to start to cut some of the website - gone are four of the 2009 reports and two from 2010. HAS ANYONE ANY COMMENTS? Otherwise, I shall continue to strip back some of the older reports.
Cotswold newsletter 10 is above, issue 9 was not of use for us, as it was a scatter rally instructions for an event around Evesham - not a lot that we coul do with that.

27th May
Issue 8 of the Cotswold section newsletter is available above.

24th May

Sadly, I have to report that Les Nicholas passed away last Thursday evening. It was not due to the Covid Virus and he went to bed that evening and when his wife followed him an hour later she found that he had died.

Issue 7 of the Cotswold section newsletter can be found above.

19th May
Issue 6 of the Cotswold section 'Covid' newsletter now available above.

15th May
I've just been informed that Geoff Thomas lost his wife Milly to Coronavirus on the 6th May. Deepest sympathies to Geoff.

30th April
Issue 5 of the Cotswold section 'Covid' newsletter is now available above. Reg tells me that he has enough material for one more issue.

25th April
Latest edition of the CMB magazine now on the above button.

22nd April
Edition 4 of the Cotswold Section 'Covid-19' newsletter now available by clicking the link above.

21st April
If you've had a go at the virtual Felix Burke trial, as laid out in the Cotswold Newsletters above - I have another similar virtual event document, covering:
Gloucestershire Rivers & Canals
A selection of places to visit along the Gloucestershire rivers & canals.
No clues to find, just enjoy the countryside you go through to visit these locations.
Try a virtual challenge during lockdown.

If you fancy a go, just send me an email and I shall forward a copy.

15th April
A bit more light reading from Reg Eyre in the form of his Cotswold Covid newsletter 3 - in the above list.

9th April

John Watkins joined the VMCC over 50 years ago and was admitted to hospital last Sunday with Covid-19. Sadly, I have to report that John passed away yesterday(Wednesday the 8th).