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28th November
The organiser of "The Girder Forks weekend" that was held in Builth this year on the same weekend as our Vale of Glamorgan event had not considered events in adjacent sections. I'm informed that he has again decided to hold his event on the same date as us for next year, on the second weekend in September. Consequently I have changed the date for the Vale to the weekend prior, the 1st September.

12th November
Just a quick reminder that we have the Charity Auction tomorrow evening, the 13th. Please help make the evening a success and bring along something to sell. Our very own Rob J will be the auctioneer.

5th October
Gosh, hasn't time gone since the last update. In the Lounge on the reports page you'll find photos and notes on the Vale of Glam, Saundersfoot and the Isle of Wight Scurry. I'd have loaded it all a while ago, but managed to lose all the Saundersfoot and Scurry pictures. The last club night was a film show and most said they enjoyed it . At our recent dates meeting it was decided that the Wednesday evening ride-outs were not very well supported, so it was agreed that we would change for next year to Wednesday morning breakfast runs - venues yet to be decided. Our Annual Dinner and prize giving is the be held after Christmas on the 23rd January.

29th August
Wednesday evening ride out tomorrow to the Creigiau Inn - meet there  about 7pm.

19th August
Some suggested exercise for our members aged over 60.
Begin by standing comfortably on a level surface with plenty of room on both sides of you. With a 5lb potato bag in each hand, extend both arms straight out from your sides and hold them there for as long as you can. Try to hold for a full minute, then relax. Each day you'll find that you can hold this strenuous position a little longer. After a couple of weeks, or a fortnight (whichever is longer) move up to 10lb potato bags. After more training and straining try 50lb potato bags and eventually try to get where you can lift a 100lb potato bag in each hand and hold your arms out straight for more than a full minute (I'm at that level now). After you feel confident at that level - put a potato in each bag.

11th August
After a discussion with Rob it has been decided to cancel the Follow the Velo Run this Sunday, as the weather forecast is lousy.
We were lucky that the Chairmans run took place - there were some five riders out on the event and they just missed the showers.

3rd August

Howard's Morini has been found.
It wasn't very well hidden and just goes to show the power of social media - where the tip off regarding it's whereabouts came from.

1st August
Three new bikes for sale in the Bar

31 July
1974 MOTO MORINI 3.5

29th July
Vale of Glam regs now available at the foot of the Calendar page.

25th July
The "Follow the Velo" run has been re-scheduled to the 13th August - details on the Events calendar page, along with venue and start details for the Chairman's Run on the 6th Aug.

21st July
After checking the weather forecast it has been decided to postpone the "Follow the Velo" run set for Sunday, as heavy showers are expected, especially in the morning.

18th July
Several members assembled at the start for the Roof of Wales run last Sunday and, due to the rainy weather, it was decided to call the run off and save the routes for another day.  The Follow the Velo run, scheduled for this coming Sunday will start from the Caerphilly Mountain Cafe at 10.30am, decisions will be made on the day, at the start, as the weather forecasts look to be a bit iffy.

11th July
The poor weather rained off the Fish & Chip run and most members attended in their cars, with some 12 tucking into their F&C. Next Sundays "Roof of Wales" run is led by Andy W, starting from the Caerphilly Mountain Cafe at 10.30 and it will visit three of the Castles in Monmouthshire under the stewardship of CADW. We last did a similar run in 1992 when Ian Bone organised it. If you can't wait - Google "three Castles Walk" in Monmouthshire, with a coffee stop at the Baffle House Cafe on the way.

7th July
The Fish & Chip run is to start from Cowbridge Common on the south side of the A48 at 7pm - the run will take about an hour, ending up at the Victoria Inn, Sigingstone for F&C at around 8pm. If the weather is not too good do come in your cars as we have a large table booked.

4th July
I have now had it confirmed that Mario Costa Sa is no longer a Director, Acting Operations Manager or Publisher. Roger Bibbings has taken over the role that Mario had in the Journal. The contract that Mario had re the Ops Manager ceased on the 20th of June and will not be renewed. Mario ceased to be a Director in late May(actually he resigned officially on the 26th March). The Area Reps now have control. I'm also told that the 55 bikes in the "garage" are to be radically thinned out.

3rd July
As I mentioned below, Martin Marmoy has resigned as a director. It now seems that so has Derek French - the so-called club Chairman, who has decided not to acknowledge or reply to my four emails to him. Luckily Roger Bibbings is now a director and his responsibility is to look after the Journal. It is going to take time to sort things out, but the club will get there - mind you, I do wonder why we need 55 bikes in the "garage".