Scarborough week - 22nd June to 29th June 2019
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Thanks to Rob for the notes and photos.

Rob, Stuart and Lesley Robson travelled up to Scarborough on the Friday. Also there were Gary and Linda , Bruce and Di along with Willy and Mady from Antwerp.

Saturday 22nd
The Saturday run of 66 miles saw Rob, on the MAC, Stuart and Lesley on the Norton and Gary and Linda on the Royal Enfield riding together. Bruce and Di joined up with Willy and Mady. The weather was fine as the run took us north into some lovely winding B roads, with some interesting bends, and away from the coast. The first stop was at Falling Foss where we had tea in the grounds of the old game keeper's cottage overlooking a lovely waterfall. From here the route took us to the coast with lovely views of Whitby. We passed on the east the town and up the steep road to the Abbey before turning south, passing Robin Hood's Bay. The lunch stop was at the unfinished Victorian village of Ravenscar. All the bikes were parked on the green in front of the cafe and by the disused railway platform. The afternoon route took us back inland to Seamer and the camp site.

Sunday 23rd
Today was a short run of 50 miles to the Dalby Forest so people could get back to the Arosa camp site for a late Sunday lunch. We left at ten with a plan to continue on later to Robin Hood's Bay and find a pub en route for our lunch. Once off the main road the route took us on some quiet back lanes which were virtually devoid of traffic. The run through Troutsdale was lovely and the hairpin bend at the end afforded some lovely views of the dale. Crossing the main Pickering road we wound our way to the entrance to Dalby Forest. The area was full of us motorcyclists and families enjoying their Sunday. After the tea stop we followed the forest scenic road on to Scalby. Taking the Scarborough to Whitby main road, we found a pub and had our Sunday lunch. Unfortunately grey clouds appeared so we decided to miss Robin Hood's Bay and return to camp ready for the quiz in the evening.

Monday 24th
Today's run was to the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, south east of York. The weather forecast was giving rain with possible thunder. Stuart, Lesley, Gary and Linda decided to give it a miss and went off to the vintage car museum and auction at Thornton le Dale and on to Pickering for lunch. Rob joined up with friends from Lincoln and Carmarthen, riding Velos and Triumphs.
The weather was a little overcast but dry as we headed south into the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds. On the 50 mile run we passed through lovely villages with red brick houses and churches made of York stone. Staying to the back roads we covered over 20 miles and only saw one farmers van going in our direction. At the museum we had lunch in the NAAFI and spent a few hours looking around. Luckily when it rained we were able to look at the exhibits in side the hangers. There were many planes on display from the early years of flying, through both world wars and up to modern times.
Leaving the museum I was completely in the hands of the riders in my group as I had changed my route over but had only gone and put page one back in! We did get caught in some rain but not enough to worry about. We got back by about 4.30 after a run of 95 miles and the had to give the bike a clean from the wet muck picked up off the roads.

Tuesday 25th
The weather didn't look good when we got up in the morning. It was drizzling and we thought it would not be pleasant heading over the moors to Rosedale and going up the 1 in 3 chimney road. So we decided to catch the mid morning bus to Scarborough instead. Some intrepid riders including Bruce and Di and Willy and Mady decided to brave the elements. Bruce did say later that the roads were difficult, as the mist on the moors reduced visibility and their speed was kept down below 30 mph. Also the misty rain made everything wet. The rest of us reached Scarborough and decided to walk along the front then around the headland on Marine Drive. It was misty, damp and quite breezy. The weather did try to dry up a bit later. Bruce was the star turn in the club house in the evening and he did a very good job of keeping us amused with his jokes and singing along to his ukulele.

Wednesday 26th
The run today was to the Railway Museum at York and the weather was dry but overcast and a little chilly. The route was a little circuitous and since we wanted to spend a good time at the museum we decide to cut a little bit out. We did follow the route towards Pickering and on the back road to Melton, but once reaching the A64 we headed straight to York. As we now came in on a different route, a little bit of dead reckoning was needed to get us to the museum. Everything was fine and we had a good few hours looking around, including a demonstration of the turntable and a very interesting talk on the Royal Carriages. As we were leaving I heard a whistle and Galatea appeared in steam from the museum sidings. We decided on the main road back to camp.

Thursday 27th
Today's ride was 50 miles southward through the Yorkshire Wolds to lunch at Seaways Cafe, Fridaythorpe. The weather was glorious and the sun was shining. The countryside is full of rolling fields filled with various crops and villages with red brick cottages. Many of the fields were filled with poppies, bright red against the emerald green crops. The road wound it's way through old villages with ponds, stone churches, gardens full of colourful flowers and cottages with roses climbing over the porches. After lunch we decided to miss out the afternoon route and head to the coast at Filey for ice cream. The vanilla and lemon top was nice and Stuart had to sample two. Bruce, Di, Willy and Mady also joined us later. From Filey everyone headed back to camp but Rob headed for fuel at the supermarket. When returning to Seamer he noticed people on the railway bridge. The steam engine Galatea on an excursion from Scarborough was due. It was an impressive sight to see it in full steam pulling a dozen red coaches. Rob then had to load the bike up as he was off to the Velo Rally at Burntwood on the weekend.