Scarborough week - 25th June to 2nd July 2016
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Thanks to Rob for the notes and photos.

The Section was well represented at Arosa Caravan Park, Seamer, near Scarborough with Rob, Bruce and Diane and Stuart and Lesley. Also there were our friends, Willy and Maddie, from Antwerp. Rob had trailered up via Derbyshire having taken part in The Peak Tour with the Velo Club. So being in the vicinity on the Thursday and Friday, prior to the start of  the week, Rob visited Scarborough and the National Railway Museum at York.

The first day - Saturday

The Saturday run was a short 50 miles through Dalby Forest and back. Rob lead on the Velo and Stuart and Lesley followed on their Norton Dominator. The ride along the single track road through Troutsdale was very pretty. Coming down hill into Snaiton the Velo was handling oddly. Rob put it down to the newly laid gravel on the road but it was soon realised that the back tyre was down. After pumping it up it was found that it deflated after a few miles. Using Stuart's puncture repair foam the leak was spotted at the valve. Rob and the Velo waited for Recovery and Stuart and Lesley continued on the run. Other than some rain the run went well with everyone stopping for lunch in the Forest Cafe. Stuart and Lesley enjoyed the scenery and Bruce and Diane on the Honda took the quick route back. Rob had a new inner tube fitted at Malton and caught up with everyone at the evening's hog roast.

Day two - Sunday
Sunday's run was a 80 mile spin around to Pickering. Rob, Stuart and Lesley rode together, while Bruce and Diane set off a little later, as they were making arrangements  to meet up with a local Monopole owner. Bruce needed to take some measurements and photographs. The weather was good as we headed south from the camp and made the climb up onto the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. We headed through the pretty village of Weaverthorpe looking for the sign to Winteringham at 16.6 miles. By now we had attracted a small convoy. Unfortunately at 16.6 miles the signpost pointed to a different village and our followers had disappeared. Did they know something we didn't? On back tracking we spotted the sign we wanted. In Rob's defence it was obscured and at the wrong mileage. We continued on with no other mishaps and we were caught up by Bruce and Di before we reached Pickering. After parking we headed to the station just in time for the arrival of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway train. After a picnic and cup of tea we walked through the town before heading back to the bikes. Most people had left so the Velo and Norton were fired up and we headed out through the Vale of Pickering to Malton. At one point we were on a ridgeway near Risborough which gave us some excellent views. Through Malton we headed east before swinging north via Brompton and back to the campsite all in good weather.

Day three - Monday
Monday's route was 120 miles to Breighton Aero Museum which is located south east of York. Stuart and Lesley decided to give it a miss and took the bus to discover and enjoy Scarborough. Bruce and Diane had already left by the time Rob set off.
The run headed south east and the road wound its way over the Wolds passing through some pretty villages with their old churches. The Airfield is an ex WWII heavy bomber base which was also used during the Cold War and is now home to some classic aircraft dating back to the 1930s. We parked up and after a snack and some tea had a tour of the hangers. After the visit Bruce and Diane on the Honda headed to Filey while Rob continued on the route. The road, between Fangfoss and Leavening, was empty of traffic and with some sweeping bends was conducive to some serious bend swinging on the MAC. Catching up with others we all stopped at Thixendale for a chat over ice cream. Leaving Thixendale Rob rode in company with Derek on a Velo and Bob on a BSA along some of the roads covered previously and back to the camp.

Day four - Tuesday
Tuesday's run was to Whitby with parking provided on the West Pier. Stuart, Lesley and Rob left a little earlier as Rob needed some fuel. The route went up Forge Valley and on to the higher ground of the Dales. As we headed north we caught glimpses of the sea and at Fylingthorpe we viewed Robin Hood Bay. Swinging inland and climbing, higher Whitby and it's ruined Abbey came into view on the horizon. We arrived at the pier by noon and parked up with almost 100 other bikes. After a fish and chip lunch at the Quarterdeck by the pier, with Bruce and Diane and others, we crossed the River Esk by the swing bridge and strolled the narrow lanes window shopping.
The afternoon run took us out of town, past Captain Cook's statue and the whalebone arch, and north along the coast to Staithes. Here we turned inland and the road climbed into the moors. We had been warned of heavy rain coming in by 3 and the sky was soon beginning to get darker. The 16 miles from Egton Bridge to Pickering were lonely with only the Velo and Norton on the road and an ominous sky. The road was damp and as we crossed the North Yorkshire Moors Railway near Pickering the heavens opened. It was too wet to stop for our planned cuppa so we wound the throttles open and pressed on. Looking to the left we could see the big black cloud that had just given us a soaking. Bruce and Diane had decided to go down and visit Robin Hood's Bay and it was here that they were also caught in the heavy rain. Some 10 miles from camp Stuart's Norton began missing and then stopped. With no spark on the left pot, damp in the mag was diagnosed. We were soon back on track and arrived home safe and sound and soaking wet. Stuart looked at the Norton later and found that the points had also begun to close up. As the rain was of Biblical proportions we decided to leave it alone until the next morning as it promised fine weather.

Day five - Wednesday
Wednesday 's run was to be over the moors to Rosedale and up the chimney hill. The weather was set for heavy rain from 11 o'clock so we decided not to go. Bruce and Diane went and experienced heavy rain which resulted in a soaking and a Honda which refused to start. Bruce did say that coming out of the lunchtime pub they found themselves riding inside a cloud. We went to Scarborough and had a look around the castle instead. It was wet and windy there too. Anyway here's some pics taken in the campsite this morning.

Day six - Thursday
Thursday's ride was south into the Yorkshire Wolds. Bruce and Diane decided to visit Heartbeat Country as they were leaving on Friday and would miss that run. Stuart had re-adjusted his points after Wednesday, so we set off and followed the route out through the rolling countryside. The weather was dry and the sun was shining on the patchwork of green and gold fields. Many cultivated fields had patches of bright red poppies growing along their edges. The route took us through small villages like Thwing and Skerne with their red brick houses, some painted white, and red tiled roofs. Lunch was at the Seaways Cafe in Fridaythorpe. After lunch it was noticed that the front tyre on the Velo was down and the valve had moved. Fearing a repeat of Saturday we deflated the tyre and moved the inner tube. Pumped up to 30 psi we decide to head back the short way via Malton and rhe A64. The tyre was still up when we returned and the Velo was loaded up onto the trailer. Stuart's Norton had performed faultlessly.
Pics from the cafe.