Saunderfoot weekend 13th to 15th September 2013
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Terry Hopes(1931 Ariel), Rob Jones(1952 Velocette), Howard and Carol(1984 Lomax), plus Jean and I(1925 Indian) entered the Saundersfoot weekend. It has now become a 3 day event and starts with a social run on the Friday. The weather promised to be good for the weekend, so we had our fingers crossed as we arrived at the hotel on Thursday afternoon. Terry and Rob had managed to get their campers onto the harbour for the weekend. We all spent Thursday evening sampling the fish and chips in the 'Mermaid on the Strand' and good they were too.

Friday 20th
Organised by Chris Thomas, the start of the social run was from the Merlewood Hotel at 10.30 and after we had all signed on we set off on the 28 mile run around the Angle peninsular to the lunch stop at the St Govans Inn, Bosherton. After lunch, Terry, Rob and myself headed on to see St Govan's Chapel. It was built in the 14th century, halfway down a cliff face and can be googled - if you're interested. Whilst we were off visiting the Chapel, Jean was her usual helpful self, and she says that she was helping to find a set of keys in the photo below. Not sure that I believe that!! Anyway, the ride back to Saundersfoot was a bare 20 miles, with the whole day being a very pleasant one.

That evening we all headed for the Sao Mai Dragon chinese restaurant - not recommended as some of us had a poor meal.

Saturday 21st
The day of the road trial and we woke to find it quite misty, which shows in the photographs. Nice to see that Dave Jones(Merthyr), David Jones(Pentyrch) and Dean Pratley had travelled down to Saundersfoot to see the gathering.

Out on the road:

The weather certainly did not help with the fun and I found that with the visor down it misted up, then my glasses collected all the condensation that was in the air, so I removed them. Problem was that I then couldn't read the route card - so things were not going well. On top of that there were quite a few steep ups and downs on the route. After some 25 miles I decided that I just wasn't enjoying the ride and that I had had enough. So, after hitting a main road and getting directions from Dai Garland, we headed towards Narberth and back to Saundersfoot. Whilst climbing out of Narberth in Second gear the headlamp rim decided to make a break for freedom. Parking up and running back down the road I luckily found all the bits with the most important thing being that the bevelled glass was still intact. Back at Saundersfoot and the weather was perking up as Jean and I retired to the cafe after a wander around the shops for a newspaper etc.

The evening consisted of the usual dinner in the Merlewood Hotel, and after retiring to the lounge we were entertained by a singer - who was quite good, I must say.

Sunday 22nd
Assembly and prize giving on the harbour, before setting off on the 30 mile social run.

The drive home for all of us was uneventful after a good, if slightly damp, weekend.