The 2013 Manx GP. By Vince Chivers.
(Click the photo to see a larger picture in a slide show.)

A small group of members decided to do a trip to see the Classic TT this year. The group consisted of Rob James, Bryn Tipples, Doug Gwilliam and John Housley. Due to work commitments Rob could not make it and I stepped forward to take his place. Four machines were loaded into a Mercedes hire van and we set off early Thursday morning to catch the afternoon ferry from Heysham. Accommodation had been booked at Groudle Glen Cottages in Ochan.

The cottages were set in a wooded valley with a stream feeding into a small shingle bay. Absolutely beautiful!

Friday was spent visiting the Tony East ‘ARE’ museum at Kirkmichael and a trip over to Castletown. The Isle of Man decided we all needed a good soaking on the journey back to the cottages, so that evening was spent drying all the gear out.

The first race was the 500 classic on Saturday. Doug, Bryn and John watched from the Grandstand area whereas I made my way to the fast corner at Hillberry. which is just outside Douglas, to the North.

This race was led from start to finish by Ollie Linsdell on a Paton. But in my opinion the ride of the race was by Ian Lougher on the Steve Linsdell push rod 500cc Royal Enfield, Ian finished in fourth at an average of 106mph and his fastest lap was just over 107mph. Photos all taken at Hillberry corner.

Sunday was a trip up to Jurby for the VMCC rally, followed by a coast run down to Peel harbour.
Monday was the Classic race for 250 & 350cc machines in the mourning and the big Formula 1 machines in the afternoon. The 350 class was won by Chris Palmer. The 250 class by Jonathan Cutts. And the Formula 1 by Michael Dunlop.

Monday evening was a final lap of the circuit. I decided on a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and the boys went up to the local pub for a final meal and a few drinks, where a few evenings before Doug and Bryn had entertained the pub with a few songs. The manager was obviously very pleased with their singing because when it came to settling the bill for food, the manager said it was “on the house.”Tuesday was packing up day and a long journey home made even longer by that wonderful invention called a Satnav. All in all a good trip and only an afternoon of rain.