Reports of Section Runs and Meetings for 2012

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23rd January 2012
A successful AGM took place on the 23rd. The usual officers were returned apart from Geoff Harris who stood down from the committee - many thanks Geoff, your input will be missed.

20th February
We had a very interesting talk and slide show on the Peking to Paris event that took place a few years ago.

11th March
'Our man in Thailand', Eddie Bonett, has sent me a few photos of a bike show over there - he tells me that a Norton Jubilee was for sale at 7300 - wow, is a jubilee really worth that? The bikes mostly came from Burma and were brought over the border into Thailand. Some interesting ones from the look of it.

8th April

Would you mix it with this motley lot? The section members of the Hells Angels - Bus Pass Chapter enjoying themselves out in the Black Mountains on Philippa Wheelers VMCC Welsh Run. Report on the NACC pages - here.

18th April
The sections 6th Cyclemotor run took place last weekend and a hardy 6 turned out on their gutless wonders. There would normally have been twice that number but the weather looked to be really lousy which, no doubt accounted for the low turnout. The run around the Vale brought no problems for any of the riders.

6th May
The day for the South West Coast Run - good weather despite it being a touch on the cold side. The day was also scheduled for the Relay Rally and our checkpoint was at Tintern this year. Five of our section contingent went to Tintern before arriving at Failand for the start of the South West Coast run. In all we had 8 bikes turn out. Barry was the only entrant with his James Captain didn't make the event. The run followed the same route as in previous years, with the option of a long run of 65 miles or a shorter run of 50 miles. Everyone had a good ride and for some reason or other my Nimbus was awarded the post Vintage trophy. Tony Burrows brought his newly acquired Ariel quare four and was accompanied by new member Julian Oram and Tina on another Squariel. We hope to see a lot more of them.

11th May
Our Seaside Run. Thankfully, we were blessed with some super weather. There had been some real problems with our start/finish/lunch venues which had given John and Dave a few headaches, which is probably a bit of an understatement. However, venues were sorted and the whole day went off without too many problems, despite having only 49 entries in the programme. Late entries boosted the numbers to 68.

Seen at the start:

From the Oystercatcher the run took the usual route along Penarth Seafront, around Barry Island and on to Nash Point for a coffee stop.
Seen at Nash Point:

From Nash point the route headed for Porthcawl and a loop of teh town before heading on to the Green Acre Motel at North Cornelly for the lunch stop. From here the run went inland and eventually back to Penarth and the finish at the Conservative club, where we were made most welcome.

We were lucky in that the Mayor of Penarth, Councillor Ernest, had agreed to attend and present the trophies: 

Vince C sent this photo to me. Taken at Nash Point - did someone say that the sun doesn't shine on the righteous? What a super day.

28th May
Bring a bike night. A nice balmy evening, no doubt a left over from the previous ten days of good weather, attracted a fair turnout of 30 odd machines. There were a few new ones that hadn't been seen before and Barry Cooper took the honours with his 1956 IZH 350cc. A well built, Russian made motorcycle that certainly deserved the accolade.

17th June
The day of the Banbury run. Terry H travelled to Gaydon on the Friday, whilst Terry P left at around 6am following our departure from home at 5am. It promised to be a long day with the weather being dry. The South Wales team were all on their places well before the start time of 11.12. On pushing to the line the exhaust lifter cable broke on our Triumph and that caused a bit of a problem as it's essential to be able to push the outfit. We were soon all away, despite our broken cable, after the pushers on the start line got us going. Each of us were on different routes - ours 35 miles, Terry H and the Beardmore 50 miles, whilst Terry P on his BSA was looking at 60 miles. After about 15 miles, a hill - on the so-called flat route - stopped us and without an exhaust lifter it is impossible to push the outfit, so we opted for the recovery (which took a 3 hour wait, by the way). During the enforced wait I made a mental note that I needed a gearbox and was just not up to strenuous riding of single speeders any more. Terry H had the clutch on the Beardmore stop working on Sunrising hill, so had to ride his bike back to the finish using a 'crash' gearbox. Terry P and the BSA hadn't been seen by the time we left Gaydon at around 5pm. Nice to see a few section members there in support, thank you lads - all in all, not a good day for us riders, methinks. Some Banbury photos:

4th July

I'm told that Rob Jones 1952 MAC took a third place in it's class at the Velocette Owners club National Rally. Mind you Rob doesn't say how many other entries there were in the class, probably not a lot as they'd have had trouble starting their bikes to get them to the event. Still, well done Rob, nice to hear of the success.

28th June

The BBQ on Monday evening, the 25th, was well attended and the weather was kind to us this year even though a few of the regulars were missing due to holidays and work etc. Nice to see Geoff Thomas after his back operation and also Brian and Wynne Gray. Josie collected the photo on the left of John Davies starting his second helping of pudding - I think he enjoyed it. Many thanks to all the girls who helped with the food.

Yesterday evening was the third Wednesday rideout  and this time it was to the Malcolm Uphill pub in Caerphilly. There were over a dozen members who turned out and the weather stayed dry for us, which was welcome, as it didn't look too good in the afternoon. A good evening and a worthwhile venue - the White Lion in Ystradowen is scheduled for Augusts rideout, but that looks as if it will probably change due to the pub having closed back in April. So, watch this space, as they say.

24th July
The Fish and Chip run took place on Monday 23rd and was well attended - 20 bikes and 23 people. Mind you the weather was glorious.

Everyone met at the Downs Cafe on Cowbridge Common, eventually setting off around 7.30. The route that Dave D took us on went through Cowbridge and out towards the coast, taking the road through Wick and St Brides. The front runners took a left turn to Ogmore and Southerdown whilst the remainder of the pack headed straight on to Ewenny. Everyone eventually made it back to Llanharry without any mishaps. There were a few more on the run than we had originally informed the caterer about, however, everyone ended up with a good feed. Most enjoyable.

3rd/5th August - Ickford camping weekend - report by Barry Cooksley
Fri 3rd August saw three of our members travelling to Ikford just outside of Oxford for a camping weekend organised by Alan Hummerstone for the cyclemotor section of the VMCC. The location was Peacehaven Farm now owned by Ivan Dutton a world authority on Bugatti cars. His organisation repairs, rebuilds and recasts components for customers all over the world, so you can imagine the sights in his workshops.

However, Ivan has a large barn about a mile from the main buildings which is his "toy room" where you will find five midget racers from the states, MGs, Porsch and too many bikes to mention. Outside the barn was where we set up camp. Although tea, coffee, cakes etc were available all weekend in the barn.

Saturday morning was dry but a bit iffy, with rain expected. Not deterred, about twenty riders set off on an assortment of transport that covered the full spectrum of low powered machines. One fellow who was about 5ft 2ins had the tallest bike I`d ever seen and even with blocks on the pedals, he had to dismount every time he came to a stop, but he seemed to be loving it. In another guise the same man sprints a supercharged Triumph. We bimbled along through lanes never seen by us before which is great. Philippa Wheeler snapped the chain on her Cucciolo and refused any form of help and was soon on her way. What a woman.

We arrived at a Pub alongside the M40 for lunch, but when we went in the door the place was full of architectural salvage, but still serving food and drinks. the rear of the place had the same contents so an interesting hour was spent admiring the stock. I was tempted by a concrete lion but thought it a bit much for the Jawa to carry back to camp. Off we nearly went for the return home only to find that Ray's townmate in as new condition, with only a half a mile on the clock, would not start. He had no gear with him so Jack and I returned to Ikford to pick up Rays van. Rescue was effected and on return to base a plug was changed and off it went. Ray, what is the motto of the boy scouts? "Be Prepared". Saturday night was barby night and Ivan's folks made a curry which was just great.

Sunday morning saw a drop of rain falling but brave riders set off to a nearby boot sale but were disappointed as only a few sellers turned up. Back to camp to get ready for a 30 miler. Riders set off in pouring rain and our group decided to call it a day and strike camp and head for home. Goodbyes said, off we went, heading west for South Wales. I would not have missed the weekend but we could have done with a bit of sun.

29th August
This Wednesday evening ride out to the Griffin Inn, Gilfach Goch, was fairly well supported. The evening sun must have encouraged most of us out and there were over 12 bikes in the turn out. A Chicken curry was arranged and we tried to do it justice whilst John D managed to down two portions. As we were inside eating the sky became dark and it started to rain, so the ride home was more than just a little damp. Well done to those who made the effort to get a bike out.

10th September - The Vale of Glamorgan road run
The event was run on a different basis this year and there were 26 entries in total. Peter B managed to fall off his 1981 Honda Spacy scooter on the way to the start and luckily he had his son riding one of his Ajay's alongside, so things were soon put right and Peter arrived at the start all ready to go.
Riders set off at minute intervals on a 70 mile route around the Vale. The Lunch stop was at the Horseshoe Inn at Marcross and everyone made it ok. However, after lunch and after taking a wrong turn, Ron and Rosemary Muirhead stopped to check the route and Peter B pulled up alongside. Rosemary noticed the flames that were coming out from underneath the seat of the Honda and shouted to Peter to get off quick, which he did, as by this time he was beginning to feel the warmth of the flames. I'm afraid that I have no idea of the outcome but suspect that the Honda is a writeoff. Other than that, everyone else made the finish with Jim Codd arriving last after having run out of fuel. All in all a good and dry day.

15th October - the Cyclemotor Section 100 mile event
Several of our members attended this annual run as 100 miles on a cyclemotor, autocycle or some such gutless wonder is something of a challenge. It was a pretty lousy day, weatherwise, starting off damp, cold and very foggy with visibility  being practically nil. Terry took his Pixie but it packed up after about 9 miles, whilst sounding like the percussion section of a large orchestra. That resulted in a lift back to the start on the breakdown van. Several others, including Glyn and Ray decided that they'd had enough after one 33 mile lap, whilst Terry, not willing to give up, borrowed a Townmate from Ray and completed the remaining two laps, riding with Barry and Alan.